Xbox One: Kinect Not Required, But Still Packaged With It … Of Course

Microsoft has gone back and forth so many times with almost everything about the Xbox One that even the pre-order gamers don’t really know what they’re getting. We’ve seen the unboxing of the console by Major Nelson, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, but so many concepts surrounding the system seem to change every week. Nobody knows what to expect from Microsoft’s next generation console.

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golding892289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Good idea for it to be packaged in. It will [hope] developers still take advantage of it. If you cannot afford xbox one 499, then obviously you cannot get it.

Then again, if you feel you are being charged for something that you will not need to use, then do not get it.

Not so sure what's all the craziness about. It's so simple.

Xbox one day for me.

Neoninja2289d ago

Totally agree with you.
I believe developers will take advantage of it which we're going to see in a few launch games. Dead Rising 3 being the one to use it the most at this point.
What they added is subtle, but pretty cool at the same time. I can't wait to see what will be done with Kinect in the future.

4Sh0w2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Yeah its so much better for the longterm support of Kinect with it included, no kinect in every box then I might as well get a ps4 only cause essentially they would be the same but ps4 is cheaper and neither peripheral will be supported with a fragmented user base.

Micro keep kinect and you have my money!

XisThatKid2289d ago

JUst a matter of time the wont hold out on this. They'll drop the price. I believe nothing these people say anymore.

AngelicIceDiamond2289d ago

@Golding Easy, people on N4G don't like you enthusiasm with X1.

Lovable2289d ago


It's actually $558.88 Tax included.

Eldyraen2289d ago

Depending on where you live as tax differs ;)

ricochetmg2289d ago

Xbox one is not worth it when I can get a better console at 100 cheaper with a better first party.

YNWA962289d ago

Blah blah blah.... be original Ricoch...

ricochetmg2288d ago

How about a valid counter argument?

Name Last Name2289d ago

What if I want a Kinect-less Xbox One? F*** me?

golding892289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Yes basically..

like i said. do not get it..

Is there something i said in my comment you did not understand?

there are millions of other people like me actually want xbox one.

2289d ago
The_Villager2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

True, if Kinect wasn't packed in then developers would just abandon it. The PS Eye Toy might get abandoned since sony decided not to include it in the box.

RytGear2289d ago

That sounds far too close to Mattrick's X360 comment.

If you don't want the kinect, then you cant have next gen. Is that what you are saying?

fermcr2289d ago

If Microsoft insists with this crap Kinect, forcing it down gamers throats and not releasing a Kinectless X1 SKU, then it's good bye and game over for Microsoft in relation to next gen.

Such a pity, PS4 has no competition and that's bad for consumers. I guess it's PC/PS4 for me next gen.

scott1822289d ago

I'm sure you will still sing it's praises when they release them without Kinect also. It will happen, look how much they changed already..... PS4 and the PS4 camera will be just fine and have good support too.

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Maddens Raiders2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

What if MS has been trolling everyone this whole time and everything we've seen is fake? And all they're doing is gathering and gauging customer feedback and putting all this data into a matrix in order to build the consummate, all-knowing, all-powerful 20 year lifecycle machine that's really called the XBOX TWO?

Yeah... that would be kinda cool if true. With all of these reversals we are just seeing lessons for a company trying to create the perfect do everything console, without have a core, clear cut goal in mind, besides retention and revenue. I'm sure Mehdi and Mattrick had no idea things would be where they are now ater that May 21st reveal.

XboxFun2289d ago

Of course.

That's the way I personally want. I want the whole experience. I really hope they don't offer another sku. I want developers to know that if they implement any Kinect design that it will be used by every Xbox One owner.

Ketzicorn2289d ago

I'm not trying to disagree as I think the Xbox One and PS4 both look like a lot of fun but I think this gen should indicate that both will offer new Skus eventually which should be evident from all of the Skus they have produced and are still producing this gen. If Kinect is not needed to function(just enhances the experience) then eventually they will try to appeal to those gamers/ or casuals who don't want Kinect like myself I think it's got some cool features but nothing that makes me want to own one I would rather spend the money difference on games.

Nolando2289d ago

Wouldnt have it any other way...

Cmk01212289d ago

The thing is its a product for sale, people want to demonize MS. they had a plan it was poorly marketed, they are listening to feedback and adjusting the best they can. they want our money as do all businesses. they are selling the xbox one with kinect , if you want that experience buy it if not buy another console or do as you please. The need for gamers to make companies this super villains is just silly. I for one am getting both and will most likely use my xbox one far more as i did with the 360 but only time will tell.

jmc88882288d ago

You really don't understand what Microsoft has been doing for at least the past 18 years then. Every single one of their products has been spying on you.

Hell they even KNEW of security flaws that were being used by people to damage all of our computers for months and YEARS and DIDN'T tell us.

But they made sure to tell our gov't so they could use those flaws against whoever they wished.

Then at some point they'd inform people using their OS to hurry up and download the updates or your computer won't be safe.....

Well it wasn't safe for months and years before that and Microsoft let it be that way.

What about having gov't backdoors since Windows 95 OSR2 have anything to do with Bin Laden?

Anything in Microsoft's cloud is accessible by the NSA, GCHQ, and all sorts of other clandestine agencies from around the world, and thousands of corporations who will use that info for their own gain, even if it harms you.

So if you want the full experience, which will include spying by the way, then you can have it.

But now the millions of people who wanted and Xbox One, but 100 percent wasn't going to get one because of Kinect2, will now be open to buy one. Not everyone, because MS screwed the pooch on this one.

So in essence before you start claiming people shouldn't vilify Microsoft, perhaps you should do some research into what Microsoft has done to be vilified. Because my guess is you simply are ignorant of what Microsoft has done. Knowledge is power, get some.

Good Luck

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