Give Xbox One’s Cloud A Chance

OnlySP: Xbox One’s Cloud has received a lot of bad rep ever since it was announced. Always online gaming is a change to the structure we have now for current gen and I understand that the change can be seen as the end of next-gen gaming for those who don’t have a “decent Internet connection” but I believe we should give the Xbox One’s Cloud a chance. There are a lot of possibilities and potential with the Cloud and it would be a shame to disregard them. With Xbox One, using cloud services is something that Microsoft wish to integrate flawlessly with games. Whether or not this works flawlessly will be put to the test in the coming months, but let’s look at the possibilities Xbox One’s cloud could have with next-gen games.

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Ksar2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Why not. We have nothing to lose after all.

iamnsuperman2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Well yes if you buy/pre-order it but it turns out the cloud doesn't do all the bravado advertised.

I just want them to show the thing in action and let that do the talking. Can we safely say we have seen the cloud in action? All talk but no substance (like it was with the Project Natal trailer). All they need to do is show some cool things then I will give it a chance as I have seen the cool things in action

Deadpoolio2284d ago

It could possibly offer some enhancements to things like match making highly unlikely but it could enhance enemy A.I in games but most likely will not....

It will not have ANY effect on Graphics, Azure is NOT designed for that, so all those people who keep saying it will push or improve graphics are idiots, thats not what it's designed for. Although I believe Nvidia has or is working on a cloud service for PCs that can enhance graphical capabilities

2284d ago
sobotz2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Yeah, like someone just buy the console only because of something that has not been shown yet.

ABeastNamedTariq2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )


How would the XB1 be more powerful with the cloud? It isn't going to improve graphics, and the things it would be offloading would be minimal (AI, physics), which would translate to only minimal gains in performance, right?

I'm no computer engineer (yet, I want to be), but most of the specs are below Sony's (except the GPU speed, it's 53 MHz faster). Thats a fact...

It really wouldn't improve graphics though; textures and things of that nature take far too much data, and would be subject to latency issues.

2284d ago
MRMagoo1232283d ago

"Well yes if you buy/pre-order it but it turns out the cloud doesn't do all the bravado advertised." It wont do all the stuff the pr guys said it will thats the thing.

2283d ago
MRMagoo1232283d ago


"I'm no computer engineer (yet, I want to be), but most of the specs are below Sony's (except the GPU speed, it's 53 MHz faster). Thats a fact.."

The xbone gpu isnt 53mhz faster than the ps4 its just been upclocked by that amount all MS did was increase its speed by that much, the ps4 gpu is still over 500ghz faste. Thats a fact..

rainslacker2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )


"The problem is natal and the cloud are 2 totally different things"

Very true.

But after the Natal reveal, and subsequent demonstrations that didn't match up to reality, I think it's fair to ask for proof before just taking MS word for it.

Hell BECAUSE OF the Natal reveal, and subsequent demonstrations that didn't match up to reality, I demand that MS prove Kinect 2.0's worth before I will just take their word on it.

Why others in the Xbox fan camp don't do the same thing just shows blind loyalty.

And yes, there are plenty of examples of cloud rendering on the net. None of them show the gains that MS is proposing, and all of them are saying that that technology is nowhere close to a consumer level. And yes, all those demonstrations are on systems that are designed to process those things specifically, unlike Azure which is more general purpose.

Start demanding proof. It can't hurt. If anything it will only help your argument if they deliver it.

People that over-hype something usually end up disappointed. See most over-hyped games this gen for reference.

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YNWA962284d ago

The powa of the cloud on X1 Sucks!
The Cloud on PS4 is amazing, Cerny said so...
Greatness erupts!

VENOMACR2284d ago

Right because $400 is soooooo much cheaper. People act like the PS4 costs $40 and the X1 is $5,000. You can't even buy 1 game and a controller for less then $100. Get over it already people. $400? Chump change. $500? Bankruptcy.

Ashlen2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )


It's 20% more, that is a lot to most people.

I'd rather have a PS4 with a game and a year of PS+ for $500 than an Xbox with no games and no online at all (xbox paywall on internet functions).

And trust me it'll be a big deal for a lot of parents come the holidays.

ThatCanadianGuy5142284d ago

Dedicated servers? Yeah.I've been giving them a chance.For 10 years.Good times.

Izzy4082284d ago

Hey, if they cloud works, then more power to the Xbox.

Transporter472284d ago

Cloud computing that is possible increasing the performance of a console that is absurd. Simple as that.

Deadpoolio2284d ago

No it's entirely possible that the Azure could be useful...It could possibly be used to improve enemy A.I, probably not because then what would happen IF internet went down, but it could be possible. It could also be used to speed up and stabilize matchmaking capabilities... We'll find out, I don't see them having people be able to install games to the cloud cause then your streaming but we'll see

HOWEVER, these idiots who keep saying that it will improve graphics. NO, NO it will not Azure is in no way shape or form designed in anyway to have any effect graphically, Nivida has a cloud service designed for graphical enhancement. BUT Microsoft and Azure are NOT

PFFT2284d ago

You are DEAD WRONG! Its highly doubtful MS invested 700 million dollars in their Azure cloud just so it could be like Gaikai. The MS Azure cloud was created for Cloud Computing and NOT for video game streaming and storage.

rdgneoz32284d ago

@Doomz Read this (more detailed than yours):

With limitations from latency and bandwidth, you'll probably see it used in dedicated servers (which MMOs have) and with things that don't need to be updated all the time.

As the article says, not everyone has high speed internet. And if your single player game looks like crap because your connection goes down or slows, a lot of people won't be happy.

n4rc2284d ago

Why do people continually make this assumption?

If course it can benefit graphics.. Not directly but indirectly..

Any processes that can be offloaded to the cloud frees up local resources to better the graphics..

We don't see the cloud used extensively yet because launch games didn't have all the info or services available at the time to develop around.. That was stated back in may

ironwolf2283d ago

Actually MS has invested around $10 Billion in the Azure system.

$700 million was the approximate cost of a recent upgrade of one of the North American server farms. They recently spent more than that building and bring a server farm on line in Ireland.

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XboxFun2284d ago

Please elaborate oh great and powerful n4g engineer.

wishingW3L2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )


MS are just using Cloud as a buzzword for stuff like: dedicated servers, matchmaking, etc. When Titanfall devs talk about the advantages in latency that Cloud will give them, they are referring to "dedicated servers". Yeah, nothing new or only possible on the XB1. But what can you expect from people that have been paying to play online on p2p servers for all these years, right?

kneon2284d ago

Yup latency is the killer. You can only use cloud computing in games for tasks that can deal with latency measured in hundreds of milliseconds or more. Plus it has to be able to deal with the occasional increase in latency or even complete loss of communications.

Because of that you probably wouldn't want to use it for anything that is critical. Though it may be fine for an online game since if you lose communications you're screwed anyway.

n4rc2283d ago

You do understand that ai plugged into a dedicated server has less latency then a player does right?

Wish people would educate themselves before pretending to be engineers..

You also realize cloud computing is a data stream of 1s and 0s.. Bandwidth is minimal.. Its not streaming a full game..

But of course. Sony can stream full games which requires 50x the bandwidth.. So naturally the magic bandwidth limitations only apply to Microsoft..

PFFT2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Not absurd NOR Impossible. Cloud Computing is the future!

iceman062284d ago

Yep. It's part of a future that includes upgraded internet services, increases in chip technology, etc. I don't think anybody is saying that cloud computing is a fantasy. I think most are just saying that the future is NOT now. That's it.

JBSleek2284d ago

I don't bet against Azure. It is the second best cloud computing platform.

Elit3Nick2283d ago

I was afraid you were going to say Gaikai, glad you're not an idiot

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