EA scraps Bad Company weapon DLC

EA today confirmed for GameSpot that it has scrapped plans to charge extra for the weapons included in the Gold Edition of the game. Instead, those who purchase the Gold Edition will receive the weapons out of the box, while all others will gain access to the weapons by ranking up their online personas to the maximum level.

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The Wood3846d ago

Im leaving EA alone until EA big do another SSX. That game was too good. Other than that EA can SMB

Yi-Long3846d ago

... EA CAN make great games, and they have in the past. So I'm not an anti-EA boy or whatever. I just pick up the good games and leave the bad/mediocre ones alone, and I boycot the DLC rip-off games (not just EA, but ALL games that use the DLC scam to make extra money)

But yeah, SSX3 was awesome, and Burnout 3 was great, and DefJam FFNY was brilliant (best fighting game on the xbox), so it's a shame they screwed that up with DJ Icon... en EA has a bunch of ther great games, and I'm sure they'll keep making good games, alongside the bad, the easy, and the rip-offs.

I hate the company that is EA, but I dont hate every product they make.

3846d ago
Ghoul3846d ago


where can i request a ban for you mesh your comments are nothing but flaming spamming and insulting

The Wood3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

It pisses me off too especially when you hear that devs want to give them out for free ala criterion for burnout ironically whilst some are told they have to charge ala gears of war. I don't hate all EA games but we have to stand up to them. They have slipped into the comfort zone and apart from the effort shown on burnout p and Fight Night their games have been rehashed and mediocre to say the least. They are meant to serve us not the other way around. Business is business and all that but give em an inch and they'll take a mile. If we say FU to em they wont sell as many or/and people will revolt. Charging for weapons, I bet your blood boiled when you read that, mine did. W*nkers. Some DLC is good though especially if it was made after the game was made because its out choice whether we want to purchase it or not. I think the cod4 map packs might fall into the 'good dlc' category only because they put a lot of effort into the game in the first place. They sure made enough money to release it for free but that's how it goes sometimes. Swords, horse armour, guns, BAD BAD BAD. They are part of 'Our' industry that we fuelled. They are not bigger than us. We can live without EA but they cannot live without us.

@mesh1, please, do us a favour, no offence but →

Lacarious3846d ago

EA fcking sucks! The gaming world needs to fully recognize that EA is a btch company that pushes out garbage and their main concern in gaming is how to screw over gamers so they can continue to rake in the $$$$

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Salvadore3846d ago

Did they seriously think they could get away with this?

shysun3846d ago

YES THEY DID! But @least they know they f'ed up now.

Tempist3846d ago

Gamers and the Internet saved the games and corrected DLC... Awesome!

Hurray for Sarcastic gamer!

JasonPC360PS3Wii3846d ago

I said they would do this when the news first came out. Even had like 10 disagrees.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3846d ago

probably be around 5 in an hour. So... just incase "see 5 of em are here now" :)

Captain Tuttle3846d ago

Complaining about disagrees always gets you at least 5 more.

The Closing3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

5 in 29 minutes you're breaking your own records! Congratzz. Glad I could help.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3846d ago

MAYBE people disagree without reading your comment because you are well known for being biased

H-V-H3846d ago

Hey CRIMS0N_W0LF - The Pot Calling The Kettle Black

JasonPC360PS3Wii3846d ago

What next, you going to tell people to stop smoking crack, with a crack pipe hanging from your mouth?

Baised, me? noooo... who would have thunk it? BTW, fire is hot, so don't touch it.

wallace10003846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

Everyone carries some form of bias. There are people that are really biased and some that are only slightly biased, but everyone is at least a little biased. It is impossible not to have some form of bias.

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Supa3846d ago

I'm glad they didn't seriously go through with milking the game like that.

GameDev3846d ago

weapon dlc made this a no buy for me, now that they realize what greedy bassstids they are Im not sure I even care anymore.

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