What It's Like to Have an Xbox One At Home Now (If You Work For Xbox)

If you're a powerful person at Microsoft, you may already have an Xbox One in your home. Such are the perks. What's that like? Two of them talk about it. Of course they're only saying nice things, but this is the best we have for now.

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golding892292d ago

Wish i had an xbox one at home now.. Hurry november

thrust2292d ago

The playstation people on this site are mad, why did you get disagrees from that?

This deffo a,playstation site just go to the forums the ps3 forum has 300k + posts and the Xbox has 77k + post hahaha

But yes roll on November!

kneon2292d ago

It's a Playstation world, this Site just reflects that.

thrust2292d ago

I wonder if it will be 5th of November or later I would really be happy with the 5th.

gaelic_laoch2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

Just like Invasion of the Body Snatchers if they spot an Xbone Fan they will stop point and scream at it!

Stsonic2292d ago

He got disagrees because all he does is lord the Xbox one and put down PS4.

Transporter472292d ago

@golding89 and thrust

Why do you choose an XOne over a PS4? no troll just curious to know serious question no flamebait intended.

thrust2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

Am getting both :) just getting the Xbox first that's all.

I have both 360 and ps3 now I prefer the live over psn so that's why am choosing to get the Xbox first because I play more online.

Transporter472292d ago

What is the problem with the PSN?? I just don't see a valuable argument the speed is depending on your ISP and what speed you have, the people I like talking to are friends on Xbox Live and PSN i don't care for strangers that much. Don't see why people bring it down like its bad or something when its a great service that you get for free plus with PS+ is the best value for a membership any company offers hands down. Hell the PS3 without a bundled headset was the only problem but not anymore with the PS4. I get what you are saying I just don't see why its a better choice.

Fireseed2292d ago


I too can chime in on this, I will be getting both (because Naughty Dog is still a thing) but most likely getting an Xbox One first.

Firstly I just prefer the Microsoft games line up MUCH more than I do the Playstation's, I know that theirs this image floating around showing how many "core" games PS3 had compared to the 360 and everyone's gloating about it, but it's useless if most of the games suck in your opinion. I CANNOT STAND JRPGS and most eastern styled game design. Everyone give the Xbox shit for "dude-bro shooters" but guess what? That's what the majority of me and my friends want. PS4 More Powerful? Yup! PS+ a great value? Yup! Sony supports great indie games like Journey, and that one game with the ghost running through the rain (Cannot for the life of me remember it's name but I'm super excited for it!)? Yup! Does it have Halo? No. So no matter how many eggs seemingly stack in the PS4's favor it doesn't matter. It doesn't have Killer Instinct (A game that absolutely dominated my childhood with countless hours spent playing with my dad), Halo (Another game spent hour upon hour with my whole family playing), and Dead Rising (A game that me and my whole friends and family thoroughly enjoyed and played the crap out of). Also in terms of Kinect, I want to see more from my games. While you all may be excited for the PS4 (as am I) let's not lie to ourselves it's basically a PS3 with better hardware and a share button. And some of you may think that's fine but I want to see game's grow and expand in terms of what they can do. Different and more unique experiences than we've ever had before.

But what I hope everyone can take away from it is that EVERYONE has different opinions, one of my best friends in the world is the biggest Weeaboo I know and wouldn't buy anything but a Playstation and that's great! Buy what you enjoy and remember to love, share, and appreciate the games you play. I will be getting both consoles because I don't fall into any one affiliation, but most of my friends will have an Xbox because we share the same interests and it will be my go to platform.

M-M2292d ago

It's golding, he's automatically going to get disagrees lol.

GusHasGas2291d ago


"let's not lie to ourselves it's basically a PS3 with better hardware and a share button."

I think youre forgetting the fact that the Xbox One, similarly, is just an Xbox 360 with better hardware (except the One has no share button, and it also looks very ugly compared to the 360)

Rhinoceros2291d ago

@Stsonic right like the PS4 isn't lorded. Why are you even on this article?

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Thomper2292d ago Show
Septic2292d ago

Can't wait either.

People should listen to the podcast. Pretty interesting to listen to:

we4202292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

What's with all the disagrees! Fanboys really need to grow up and stop disagreeing with every comment about someones favorite console.
--Fan of Sony and MS,Die-Hard fan of Dreamcast Era SEGA

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redwin2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

I would give my life time allegiance to MS if I had a Xbox One at home right now..

FarCryLover1822292d ago

What games would you play though? Those won't release until the console releases to the public.

redwin2292d ago

I'm sure ill be able to download killer instinct, but the kinect options I think are awesome .

gaelic_laoch2292d ago

Annoyed they cannot play it because they are working overtime cleaning up the mess Dom Mattrick left behind!

jackanderson19852292d ago

with all the reversals of the unpopular decisions of the original version of the console i'd say you're not far off ha

mxrider21992292d ago ShowReplies(1)
stage882292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

It's nice that they have it at home but holy crap that whole conversation between hyrb and spencer was a load of PR rubbish. It wasn't two guys talking, it was a game of "who can say the best thing about xbox one". Shouldn't have published that. It doesn't make the Xbox one sound genuine.

WeAreLegion2292d ago

Nobody in Microsoft's PR department games. Just watch a video with Major Nelson. It's like he vomits corporate bullcrap. What is it going to take to get an actual human being on that staff?

Such tools.

Spoons2292d ago

You expect ms to pay them 100 grand a year to talk shit about the one? You do understand what having a job is like right?

WeAreLegion2292d ago

No. I expect them to do their jobs correctly. That includes not sounding like a robot regurgitating stuff they've read off a fact sheet.

British_Knight2292d ago

Sony's reps do the same exact thing - promote the system - it's their jobs to do so. Have you heard any Sony rep say anything negative about PS4? No. You never will and that's how it should be. Microsoft won't say anything negative either; they're too busy trying to please everyone.

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