6 Cancelled Horror Games That Could've Been Amazing

Bloody Disgusting reminisces about horror games that could have been in their list of six promising horror games that were canned prematurely.

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Ashunderfire861896d ago

Nightmare Creatures was the shit!!!! Damn I miss that game, wanted a sequel to that game man. If they ever decided to revive that again, I really hope they make it for PS4, X1, and PC!

ab5olut10n1895d ago

you ain't lying! nightmare creatures WAS the shit, i wish i still owned it

pyramidshead1896d ago

Next gen needs some horror pumping into it and they need to be not Amnesia run-and-hide clones. Horror combat can be done well I guess it just depends on the developer. I think that point is aimed at survival horror though.

Would love a F.E.A.R reboot & being back to its roots of atmospheric Japanese influenced horror.

Mr-SellJack1896d ago

Ps4 has 4 horror indies booyah!

TedCruzsTaint1896d ago

The Call of Cthulhu games . . .

What could have been. :/

Ginji1896d ago

I wish there were more Lovecraft-based games. We need more Cthulu!

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