Ryse: Son of Rome is the “Best Thing” Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has Ever Seen on Xbox One

As part of a 20 minute long chat with Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, Microsoft Game Studios Vice President Phil Spencer shared his opinion about the latest build of Crytek’s Ryse: Sons of Rome.

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Ksar1945d ago

I hope you're right Phil. Can't wait to see more.

mewhy321944d ago

Im sure that this IS the best they've seen on xbone. But PS4 Killzone is the best I've seen on ANY console.

LaChance1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Never heard anybody say that outside of this site.

Why is that ? Matter of fact sorry, even on N4G I hardly here that and God knows if it were true Sony faboys would be screaming it all day long.

@below: Infamous SS best lookig next gen game ??? Seriously man ? Its obvious you felt the need to mentiona PS4 exclsuive no matter even if it doesnt deserve to be in the discussion.

Transporter471944d ago

On any console it has to be Infamous SS for me.

joefrost001944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

So let get this straight
KZ looks better than Ryse
Ok lol

WeAreLegion1944d ago

According to everyone at E3, inFamous: Second Son is the best looking console game, currently.

I believe The Division won best graphics, overall. Not the actual away though, since the awards only go to playable games.

Discod991944d ago

Not interested in Kill Zone whatsoever.

LaChance1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )


Any link whatsoever to back up your claims ? especially on Infamous SS. I mean if its according "everybody" you must have something to back that up right ? :)

Oh and its funny now to see PS4 fanboys hiding behind multiplats like The Division. No PS4 game is on Ryse's level graphically #dealwithit

edit: hey guys want to hear a joke ? Infamous SS looks better than RYSE hahahaha lmao !!

HammadTheBeast1944d ago

I don't understand.

Second Son has comparable graphics, and it's also open-world and not QTE-reliant.

Please show me some good RYSE pics, I'm legit serious, I want to compare the two.

AngelicIceDiamond1944d ago

@Mewhy why are are bring up PlayStation in article that's not related to it for the 80th freakin time.

That's a legit question btw.


I wanna see more of the settings, characters and an overall better build than what we've seen at E3. That E3 demo impressive but I think its time for a refresh, an update.

Thomper1944d ago

Hmmm.. KZ looks pretty good, but it doesn't look better than Ryse.

I bought KZ3 because it offered 3D support. It looked nice, but it doesn't play particularly well.. Will KZSF???

hankmoody1944d ago

All the Killzone games ever had going for them were great graphics, which is why those games have no kind of longevity. Killzone is just another pretty FPS that brings nothing new to the table.

CrimsonStar1944d ago

God , you must be very unsure of your PS4 if you have justify your purchase this much .

Reverent1944d ago

I don't think that Ryse looks as good as Second Son or Shadowfall. But with that said, I do still think it is a very, very beautiful game that proves the Xbox One is certainly capable of achieving graphics on par with the PlayStation 4.

Muffins12231944d ago

Infamous second son is way better than killzone ps4...

4Sh0w1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Yeah Ryse looks superb, it has the best graphics I've seen on a console so far. I remember alot of people tried to say it wasnt running on X1 hardware because it looked so damm good, seriously check some of the old Ryse threads, then eurogamer and other sites dispelled that rumor and then the comments change to focus on well its just qte's. I just think with Crytek's graphic knowledge and microsoft putting a ton of money behind this game Ryse truly has what we want to see from next gen visuals.

Fireseed1944d ago

Wait Killzone? You mean that fledgling franchise that started for the SOLE purpose to outsell Halo and has yet to even come close to succeeding that goal. You mean the game that has been so desperate to get more buyers that they are willing to sacrifice their beautiful art style of KZ2 for that abdominal rip off that was 3 and so far seems to be 4. The game that's only claim to fame was pretty graphics and a bland multilayer palette? Ok just wanted to make sure we were talking about the same game.

Izzy4081944d ago

Fanboyism at it's finnest. Lol

mikeslemonade1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Ryse looks better during the QUICKTIME events. Have fun playing this stiff game or half-game since your trying to match buttons on the screen half of the time.

@ Fireseed
And where is this Halo developer..? Making games for both PS4 and X1. A sloppy seconds developer is making games for you while a proven Guerilla games with more experience is making a better game.

Skips1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )



Not sure why you're getting disagrees... XD Ryse doesn't even come close to Shadow Fall and Second Son. lol


I like how eveybody here keeps saying... "Bu bu bUUUT!!! Ryse looks da bEstest!!!" without actually posting any proof or legit screens... XD

But here ya go. Direct feeds, all coming from the same sight. So no cherry picking around Google images to pick bad looking screens. lol

ALLWRONG1944d ago

lol so far there isn't one next gen exclusive that looks as good as Ryse. Not saying there wont be, just saying not right now.

Rimeskeem1944d ago

Can we all agree that The Division looks stunning in every way

Belking1944d ago

yep, running at a blazing 30 FPS.

Skips1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

^^^^ You talkin about this??? o_0

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31944d ago

Skips, as posted by someone below, here are better ones...

Now you and Infamous have a seat, lol.


and what did you see that was so special about kz4? it looks generic and boring to me. nothing special at all.

booni31944d ago

If only your comment was even remotely related to the article or to the poster you're "replying" to.

koolaid2511944d ago

Kill zone isn't gonna sell 10 million copies and have a thriving online multiplayer component.

thekhurg1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

@Wraith -

The screen you posted ... "You can use the left and right KEYBOARD KEYS for easy navigation."


@Koolaid -

Neither is Ryse.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )


"@Wraith -

The screen you posted ... 'You can use the left and right KEYBOARD KEYS for easy navigation.'

Ummm, did you actually use those keys? I did and they work. Or are you just being silly? SMH

Alright, if you don't want to use those keys I'll just post what happens when you do.

I was posting in game pics while everyone else was showing bullshots. Even if you did post something it wouldn't level the playing field because Ryse is it.

HammadTheBeast1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )


Wtf those are from a cut scene (at least first one, I'm on tablet and can't view rest).

I've seen the videos, other than the main character and set pieces, it's not all that great.

If I pulled some Infamous or kill zone cut scenes it would level the field.

But thanks for being the first person to try and make a valid argument, no one else has posted any pics.

ZHZ901944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

@mewhy, wth are you doing? You're giving Xbox fanboys chance(s) to troll at us.

Anyways imho, I think KI is the best for XBO.

But ofcourse I am liking KZ:SF and InFamous:SS alot more.(Just my opinion, I wouldn't be surprised I get disagrees because I said I like PS4 exclusives more).

mikeslemonade1944d ago

A game should look good if it's linear and 25% Quick Time events and 25% movie. I don't see Ryse scoring any higher than 8.0 metascore.

UnholyLight1944d ago



Grow up please, I am getting a PS4 and I know Killzone is awesome and I know that the new Killzone will be awesome but come on...It's not the greatest game to the ends of the earth. You hardcore people will defend anything with the Sony stamp on it.

Also, there's no way Ryse will be the best Xbox One title..while I think it will end up being super awesome..I just can't see it being the be all end all title for Xbox One as well.

Sidenote: You all think Xbone is a great nickname and really offends Xbox guys but really it just makes you all sound silly.

Godz Kastro1944d ago

Killzone needs a personality transplant :/ You have not fully played either game to say such a thing. Ryse looks just as good as KZ. Stop it...They are BOTH good looking games.

Lord_Sloth1944d ago

Nope. MGSV and FFXV have me so far beyond psyched they're making me forget about other titles! Everything till then is a place holder!

Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to Second Son and Shadowfall as well but at the end of the day, Shadowfall's just an FPS which are a dime a dozen, and Second Son doesn't look as interesting to me personally.

FamilyGuy1944d ago

Dark Sorcerer > Killzone, but as far as real games that are actually releasing around/on PS4s launch it does look really good.

Skips1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )


You say I'm using bullshots yet I'm pulling off the screens from the SAME EXACT SITE who pull it from direct feeds... LMFAO!

If you wanna use the shots from YOUR site... Then I don't mind. lmao

Can you show me some actual gameplay shots please??? Like this...

MRMagoo1231944d ago

RYSE in game while its actually playing is not even close to those pics you guys show, the game looks like a 360 port, you will be in for a shock when you get it home and see it for yourself, when i saw it for myself i didnt believe how bad it looked compared to the screenies ppl where showing, its not impressive and xboners will be disappointed.

Docknoss1944d ago

Killzone hahahahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaa... ohh oh shiz that's good stuff man. Sarcasm is like a second language to me and definitely could tell you were being facetious. If not "tread lightly"

thetruthx11944d ago

@mewhy32 Oh they have another Killzone besides Shadow Fall coming out? Lol

Godmars2901944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )


Why are people taking an article involving a company spokesmen and the VP of the same company as if it were an honest unbiased interview?

If this were only about Sony PR shills it would be as generally worthless.

PFFT1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

LMFAO!!!!!! WAT?!?!?!?!?! Im sorry but although Killzone 3.5: Shadow Fall looks good it doesnt look all that great. Second Son does though. Now that looks amazing. And yes RYSE looks just as great.

CommonSense1944d ago

The second comment is from a sony troll. a new record. lets see if we can't get it to the third comment next time.

Ritsujun1944d ago

That's the best? Holy pathetic.
Microsofie needs to try harder.

PFFT1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Ohh look BF4 has some great looking CG as well nate

NateCole1944d ago

well since we are comaring in game cgi. Whats your point exactly?.

BallsEye1944d ago


you do realize the screenshots you gave are upped retouched ones rendered in higher res? Game will not run higher than 1080p and these screenshots and many others are higher. I even saw 5k screenshots of second son. Next time please post direct feed screens, not ones remade for magazines.

RememberThe3571944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Hahaha All of you guys sound so stupid.

"Your game sucks cuz it doesn't sell"
"No your game sucks because my game is prettier"

Can someone explain to me what the purpose is to this conversation your so deeply into? Someone explain to me what 49 replies were about? Because if your exchange Killzone 4 and Second Son with Ryse everyone is basically saying the same damn thing about their favorite systems favorite game.

I'm gonna go watch The Wire as these stupid ass comments keep piling up and I'll be back to check up on you guys in an hour or so. Remember to share and don't hit your brother. Also, before you go on the monkey bars, let an adult know.

Now, be good you crazy kids.

tokugawa1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

lol @ infamous. yeah it looks good but nothing spectacular.

you lot are just going to have to accept that the best looking launch title is not on ps4

@ hammad stop posting the same bullshots. the game in action looks NOTHING like those rofl

ShinMaster1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

At least Second Son looks fun.

They all look good, IMO.

limewax1944d ago

Only at N4G could people actually try and say that Ryse looks impressive.

OMGZ look at them QTE's every two hits! mind blowing! I bet it's gonna be almost impossible to lose and we can watch the same animations over and over again like a poser with his favorite song.

Seriously this is what you guys want from Xbox One? You actually are interested in QTE's, lack of difficulty and levels so linear you could run friggin train through it?

You guys do realize the longer you act like you actually want crap like that the more resources they're going to throw into churning out crappy sequels rather than building something worthwhile

Skips1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

LMFAO! @ tokugawa!

Posting a garbage Youtube vid that's not even running in 1080p

If you're gonna post a vid at least post the right one kiddo. -_-

^Put in 1080p.

That's like me posting a dumbed down Youtube vid of Ryse in 720p. -___-

If you think THAT looks impressive or anywhere close to those screens posted than I need to know what your smokin buddy. Considering Youtube vids don't even do EITHER games justice...

Screenshot Hammad posted....
In game gif :

Yup, his shots are spot on buddy. If the Infamous screens are bullshots than Ryse's are too considering they were pulled them from the SAME sight.

pwr_lVl1944d ago

DEEP DOWN IS THE BEST I'VE SEEN! It's funny on how XBOTs forget about that title! I'll post the link

finbars751944d ago

The problem with RYSE is that its a crytek game which equals boring as hell.The graphics looked good from what we have seen but look a at what we saw.He runs up the shore line and goes into quicktime button mashing,then he runs farther up and positions where his soldiers are going to throw spears.It was very linear and it looked boring as hell.So to say this game will be great not likely but garphically it will because thats all it had going for it.At least with the didvision it was an open world mp that looked stunning and had alot more going for it.I thought second son looked alot better as well considering its open world.You guys are very delusional or are just shelterd and cant stand to see one of your games be over shadowed by better looking games.Any linear game can look good since theres not much to it keep that in mind.

tokugawa1944d ago

@ skips

my bad for not putting a 1080p link.

but even so, after watching in 1080p, it doesn't magically become uber awesome.

and yes, hammads screen are bullshots.

i think the question is what are you smoking kid? although you are probably not old enough to buy cigarettes.

ryse in action looks incredible.... even on youtube. i stand by what i said for now, ryse is hands down the best looking launch title so far

Skips1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )


"but even so, after watching in 1080p, it doesn't magically become uber awesome."

And Ryse doesn't even look awesome in screens. lol

"and yes, hammads screen are bullshots."

Nope... What he posted...
an in game gif...

"ryse in action looks incredible.... even on youtube. i stand by what i said for now, ryse is hands down the best looking launch title so far"


Because floating bodies, the same exact animations used for all NPC's, fuzzy textures, and horrible draw distance is soooo next gen right???

RYSE IS A TECHNICAL MESS. You must be delusional as hell if you think that looks "INCREDIBLE". Your standards must be incredibly low. lol

Give this blog a read...

Does a better job at I do at pointing out how absolutely TERRIBLE Ryse looks...

And I like how you keep calling Infamous SS bullshots when they are taken from the same exact site your buddy Wraith posted of Ryse up there. Those Ryse screens must be bullshots as well despite how horrible it ALREADY looks all touched up. lol

MEGAxPAIN1944d ago

Really? WTF is wrong with u. Im not even the biggest PS4 fan and I think Infamous was best at show!

ALLWRONG1943d ago

How did mewhy32's comment go from trolling to "well said" overnight?

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Ashunderfire861944d ago

Yup Phil is right, I even played it at E3! Everytime you execute an enemy you see his emotions. I really hope this is a AAA game for Xbox One, because it needs something different than the average shooter.

mikeslemonade1944d ago

Scripted.. looks like you don't know the difference.

MRMagoo1231944d ago

funny i saw it at E3 too and it looks bland, i even have photos on my pc from the camera i took and the game looks like a 360 game lol

Ashunderfire861944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Why so much hate to a game, many of you probably never played before? I tell you what... The line for this game at E3 was packed!!! One other thing to take note about E3, is that in all the booth where you play these games, you will see actual game designers, and they like it when you ask them a lot of questions about their game. If you want job connection to work in the game Industry, well E3 is your best place to get connections.


funny i saw it at E3 too and it looks bland, i even have photos on my pc from the camera i took and the game looks like a 360 game lol

You my friend is a liar! No way did that look like a 360 game. Wipe your glasses, or get a new par. Heck use a 1080p camera, not from a Cellphone! Your telling me that footage with all the emotions, the details of the ship collapsing, hundreds of soldiers on screen highly detail without a hit in framerate, looks like a 360 game? I have video and picture footage of this game too. What are you smoking?

mikeslemonade1944d ago

Script. Stop talking about a movie.

NewZealander1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )


heavy rain was scripted was that a bad thing?

so many haters, this game looks epic.

mikeslemonade1944d ago

Heavy Rain is a story driven game where you can choose which event is gonna take place next. Ryse is an action game that cut corners from the action aspect. They were too lazy to make real battle system.