Microsoft Should Bow Out Of The Hardware Biz And Focus On Its Strength: Software

GR: "Microsoft is first and foremost a software company. It is responsible for Windows, the most widely used computer operating system. While Windows 8 has proven to be a point of contention among many PC users, no one can deny the Big M's talents when it comes to creating software. Just look at the Xbox 360 dashboard and how much more advanced it is compared to the competition. Even the blade system, which launched back in 2005, still outclasses today's XMB on the PlayStation 3. The same can be said for Microsoft's innovation in the online space. Sony is still playing catchup to what Microsoft introduced to the world of gaming several years ago."

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dbjj120882282d ago

Licensing software out to hardware manufacturers MADE Microsoft.

NatureOfLogic2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

I agree with the article, though I would like to see them replaced so that Sony and Nintendo would at least have some kind of competition.

acharlez2282d ago

Have Sega step back into the ring perhaps?

AngelicIceDiamond2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Well nature your a selfish fanboy. Who doesn't care about the game industry.

Anybody who wants to see another company fail is not a gamer period.

The world doesn't revolve around you, just because you don't like Xbox doesn't mean others don't.

stage882282d ago

Agreed, I would love to see Microsoft bow out of the big 3 and replaced with a more suitable competitor.

Zeref2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Lol Microsoft will never step out, NEVER. people who think that X1 is going to fail after the 360's success are delusional. Pre-order numbers don't define the outcome of a console war lol.

PSfanboys are the worst. They are not gamers. Like angel said, anyone who wants a company to fail is not a gamer.

I am an Xbox fan but it would be a sad day for me to see Nintendo or Sony bow out of the gaming industry.

You guys are really sad for agreeing with this article.

2282d ago
BattleAxe2282d ago

Steam already competes with Sony and Nintendo. If Valve were to make Portal, Left 4 Dead, Counter Strike, Half life and Team Fortress exclusive to the Steam platform, their service would be as big or bigger than Sony's install base. Steam is pretty close as it is with 54 Million active user accounts.

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itBourne2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Do they really make great software though? I mean yah I use xp and 7, but its because they have essentially a monopoly over computer os. Look at Vista and 8, Vista especially was a huge mess. M$ got lucky at the right time, and have reaped the benefits long after despite any mistakes they may have made. Whether anyone likes it or not, M$ is staying right where it is, it took an unbelievably large loss on the XBox (first one) and its not backing out.
As much as I criticize them for not having first party software on their consoles, they dont need it, they can throw billions into advertising instead and people, especially the more casual just feed them the money. They are a brilliant business and are making money, no reason to back out.

Taker_1292282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

I agree. It would be awesome to see Playstation 5 powered by Xbox live.

TrollCraftTales2282d ago

I really think they should, I don't really like XBox, especially after the start of next gen, but no matter what I will keep Windows, I want them to fix windows 8...

JewyMcJew2282d ago

You should try using metro on a Windows 2012 server. I can't believe it got past usability testing!

Zeref2282d ago

78 million gamers disagree.

eman3d2282d ago

This is a stupid post. Sony fanboys are amazing.

steve30x2282d ago

Oh god no. They done great with windows XP and windows 7 but Windows 8 and 8.1 are a complete disaster. Instead of forcing the Tablet style start screen on us and the half assed start button in 8.1 we should be given an option to use the good old windows 7 shell and start button.

dcj05242282d ago

They're just going with the pattern.Windows MS crap, Windows XP GREAT, Windows VISTA crap, Windows 7 FANTASTIC, Windows 8 ok crap, Windows ___ GREAT, Windows_____ crap. So expect the next windows to be great.

mcstorm2282d ago

Have you used windows 8.1? It is designed around the none touch screen as you can now pin small icons to the new start menu. Also the new start screen is far better than the start menu as you can put what you want on it. Yes some metro apps don't work as well on none touch screens as touch screen but that most people won't use that on none touch screen devices anyway.

Windows 8 for me is far better than 7 in everything it dose I have it on my surface rt and work pc and never had one issue with x64 or rt windows and it is the best of both worlds in terms of touch and none touch.

As for Microsoft pulling out the hardware side I don't think they need to. Yes the original 360 had issues but the Xbox s, is fine so is Kinect as well as the original Xbox was solid too. the Zune devices were solid and looks far better than the Ipod and for me the surface rt and pro are 2 of the best looking and most solid tablets on the market and adding a kick stand and touch keyboard to them makes them more useful than any other tablet on the market.

steve30x2282d ago

Yes I used windows 8.1 amd windows 8. I didnt just put it down for the fun of it. I bought windows 8 in February and used it for three months. I modified it to look and work like windows 7 after using it for two weeks because I hated that stupid start screen. Its faster but more bugged than windows 7. I had trouble with the OS every time I used it and I've been using computers with thirty years.

mcstorm2282d ago

What issues were you having with it? And what don't you like about the start screen?

2282d ago
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