Exclusive: Prince of Persia might be a Jarhead - Jake Gyllenhaal

LatinoReview writes: "Ok, on the heel's of yesterday's news that Orlando Bloom is NOT going to be Dastan in PRINCE OF PERSIA: The Sands of Time, I decided to snoop around today and find out who is or who Disney is at least looking at.

Ok, here is what I just learned from multiple sources in Hollywood just minutes ago.

The offer is out to Jake Gyllenhaal!"

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Fishy Fingers3843d ago

All of a sudden Orlando Bloom doesn't seem so bad.

LastDance3843d ago

Hmm...shouldnt they pick some1 more arabic looking? Is the prince of persia persian? im not familiar with the games.

SL1M DADDY3843d ago

There were plenty of great actors in both Hidalgo and Kingdom of Heaven that could easily play the roll and be of Aribic decent of sorts (at least look the part). If they pick either Orlando or Jake they are making a big mistake.

Cartesian3D3843d ago

lol.. ARABIC ?

prince of PERSIA! PERSIA ! another region,race,country .. people...

BTW im iranian.. so I care about this one.. and in iran all kind of skins and eyes exist.. so its not a big deal that he has blue or green eye and brown hair .. :)

my bro has green eyes , mine is brown ..

MK_Red3843d ago

WTF!? What do you mean Arabic? It's like an eastern asian playing Denzel Washington.

Prince has to be Persian and Persians are a whole lot different from Arabs and not just in looks. Now I'm notbeing a racist or having something agaist Arabian people.

Persian is Persian and Arab is Arab. They are different races and people.
Speaking of Persian, whatever happend to that Persian guy that was supposed to play as Prince?


Exactly they should have someone middle eastern looking because he is persian. But thats Hollywood for you prepare for a big flop.

S1nnerman3843d ago

I think you, my friends and brethren should petition for my inclusion inthe film :P

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