Umbra Dev: Cloud Computing on Xbox One and PS4 "Makes Very Dynamic and Massive Worlds a Reality"

"There has been more enough tough about the power of next generation consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We've even heard a fair amount about what will be possible using Cloud computing - augmenting and improving games in small ways, like the "micro-patching" Evolution Studios can do with DriveClub. However, what about large, world generation?"

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user74029312286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

so why not simply add gaikai /azure to ps3/360?

fact is you need powerful hardware. and the ps4 provides that need next gen.

Cmk01212286d ago

so why did the wii win last gen? BUHHHHHHHHHH. PS4 is inferior to top PC's so go play that. this was a very unbiased write up fanboyified by you sir! ps3 was more powerful last gen as well and lost so again what is your point about the NEED for powerful hardware?

user74029312286d ago

you got to try a little harder than that. 4/10

dcj05242286d ago

Can you build me a $400 high end pc that cam run Planetside 2 on ultra? I want to play Final Fantasy XIV. Here pm me. OH. You can't? Why not?

Rimeskeem2286d ago

what do you mean it lost again the ps2 won vs xbox and the ps3 through life cycle beat 360

TrollCraftTales2286d ago

PS3 lost? Hmmmm.. last I checked it was outselling xbox360, and it still has exclusives coming, I don't see any exclusives coming out this late for xbox, x360 may have won the launch battle, but PS3 won the war...

younglj012286d ago

the fact that most of PC exclusives are now available an console is mindblowing.PlanetSide 2 on Ultra on any console would be consider an myth.The Division seems like it will set the standards in online.

What if in the future the PS4 could produce more Ultra quality exclusives titles?

xKugo2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

The only reason both Xbox and Playstation got ousted was because Nintendo happened to strike gold with a gimmicky motion controls theory. The console was horribly manufactured and increasingly showed horrible implementation in the bulk of it's games(save maybe Skyward Sword). However, because it appealed to a plethora of individuals who had never thought of owning a console, it sold like wildfire. By golly, they had grandparents filing in the tens of millions getting a console for their grandchildren to play with. It was family oriented, and what do the elderly love more than anything else? That's Everyone had one, it was even used as a marketing tool for businesses at conventions. Simply set-up a Wii, smile and watch the sheeple flock towards you. Not to mention it incorporated fitness into a multitude of it's games when a huge topic during those years was the lack of American exercise. This was pure genious at work here, happening in front of Microsoft's, the U.S's king of gaming, very eyes and there was nothing they could do but watch. It was literally the greatest launch of a console in gaming history. They had everything possible going in their favor and nothing was going to stop them from bringing the competition to it's knees. Simple as that. Don't believe me? Look at Kinect and Move. Case closed.

What you're talking about has nothing to do with exploiting an untapped market. This gen is about one provider attempting to incorporate all forms of entertainment into one box and the other sticking with the traditional approach by making the most powerful console ever built. It's a very level playing field and honestly the Wii U isn't going to be able to compete for the general gaming market. So what does that leave? It leaves us, the gamers, with a decision on which approach will best benefit gaming's future. Catering to the PC elitist is a thing of the past and will never happen again, which is why the last true exclusive the PC fanboys could be proud of was the original Crysis back in 2007. By the way, that game was so far ahead of it's era, it's not even funny. But anyway, the PC market has been shrinking for years and will continue to shrink because the masses are not willing to shell out ten of thousands of dollars just for more eye candy. It's why the console's set the bar for almost every multi-platform game there is. It's called appealing to the lowest-common denominator.

Taking all that into consideration and then adding into the equation that not only is the PS4 currently cheaper than the XB1 but also that the XB1 is just now recovering from the biggest PR failure of the decade, which one do you honestly think an American public on a budget is going to pick? You can lie to yourself all day long, but most of us know the answer.

Try again?

webeblazing2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

imma have to agree with cmk yall always pick and choose what suits yall. i feel bad cause i use to defend ps fanboys on here. so why do everyone ignore the fact wii blew out the competition. so as some one bring that up yall say its not next gen hard where wis. that if pc gamers say the same about the consoles hardware dont matter.

and why are people so set on downgrade nintendo success even if the console had a gimmick. they have been in the gaming market the longest and it seem like people dont even respect that they are at least trying something new.

guy above your just making accuses just because you dont play or dont like something i doesnt mean people are the same as you

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Mike134nl2286d ago

It is mainly the requirement of high speed internet that is limiting for streaming services as gaikai and on-live. Remember that gaikai was able to stream games in a web browser.

The usage of cloud computing for games is still in development but could technically certainly be used on the xb360 and ps3 in order to develop large dynamic worlds located on servers.

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wishingW3L2286d ago

this is a dupe. I saw this yesterday.

GribbleGrunger2286d ago

Do people actually even read the first paragraph before approving?

"There has been more enough tough about the power"

Change 'tough' to 'talk'.

ArnoldSchwarzenigra2286d ago

I swear I made this exact criticism about another article and I received so many disagrees. But honestly, if you're going to write an article, proof reading the first sentence should be a must before submitting it to a website.

adorie2286d ago

The problem with some of these 'articles' is that some of the people submitting them are in a hurry to beat others to submitting the same article, or their own outlet covering the same basic story, interview, etc.

Enough N4G. I just started Persona 4, so back to that wonderful experience.

GribbleGrunger2286d ago

He also missed out 'than'. I was just about to report this so that the author could save embarrassment but it was suddenly approved. Oh well lol

classic192286d ago

ps4 can cloud compute so MS do shut up about it

2286d ago
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