Gamefly August Used Video Game Blowout Sale Live


"Gamefly has added quite a few titles to their pre-played video game deals with free shipping list!

All Gamefly pre-played games come with manual and case with a 100% guarantee!

Sale ends August 19th!

Get browsing before the selection thins out."

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STARRHUNTER291892d ago

Sry but I will not give them none of my money been screwed by them....I wouldnt take it if they were giving games away

STARRHUNTER291891d ago

I signed up free trial and then charge my credit card before my 10 day trail was up....never got a single game called and they said we have to wait 7 days .2 weeks later still no games then tried to bill me full price for the games I never got

kreate1891d ago

geez sorry to hear that. i've used gamefly before but i didnt have much issues.

i understand everyone's experience will be different. u should give them a try once more. if anything like that happens again, than yea lol

STARRHUNTER291891d ago

U have a point no one is perfect errors happen..