The Xbox One Can Tell When It's Overheating, and Power Down

So here's a cool thing the Xbox One can do: Xbox One automatically recognizes when it's overheating—probably because you're an idiot and left a pizza box on top of it—and can adjust on the fly. In fact, it's designed with extra room to make those adjustments.

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NeloAnjelo2290d ago

So does this mean it will over heat? Even with the power brick?

Saddam_hussein2290d ago

Does this mean your a troll? Over a toy?

user74029312290d ago

he was asking a simple question, how is that trolling?

Toon_Link2290d ago

Sorry to tell you but it seems you are the one trolling. But with a name like Saddam Hussein I'm sure this isn't an isolated incident.

mamotte2290d ago

A $500 dollars toy? Count me on trolling about it.

TheTwelve2290d ago

It means you're a bit oversensitive about a toy, "Saddam_Hussein"

XB1_PS42290d ago

I doubt it will have the same issues as the 360's launch. I feel that they learned their lesson, and added this as a "just in case" feature. I'd rather have my system turn off, than it turn red.

mewhy322290d ago

Wow Saddam is a little touchy. Given past experience with the RROD in the past I think that Nelo was asking a legit question. Especially given the fact that micro$oft announced that they have software upclocked their GPU in a fruitless effort to match the power of the vastly superior PS4's GPU. Heat could surely be a problem here.

Saigon2290d ago

This is actually cool if it can do this. Saves a lot of pain for a lot of people. Now I have a question (didn't read the article in depth) if you pause a game and leave it paused for a couple of hours and the system starts to over heat, will your progress be saved?

J-R2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

No one has asked the important question. If I manage to make my XB overheat what color of light will I get?

I hope it's Blue :)

thejigisup2290d ago

definitely an honest question. anything with a safeguard to recognize and stop a problem, is acknowledging a problem or at least the potential for one.

gaffyh2290d ago

I'm not being funny or trying to troll here or anything, but how exactly does a brick stop overheating? The 360 had a brick, and had a shitload of RROD problems. The brick being external made no difference, unless having the PSU internal would have made the 360 explode immediately.

They use a brick for three reasons. 1, smaller console. 2, easier to sell the console in countries with different voltages, as only the power wire/brick needs to be changed, and nothing needs to be done internally to the console. 3, proprietary, so if it fails, you have to buy another one from the maker.

NukaCola2290d ago

It's always pegged as trolling when someone doesn't agree.

Anyway. This system better not overheat. There's enough bullcrap and drama surrounding it. And on top of that it better not shut off a midst utilization either.

minimur122290d ago

next thing you know theyll do another 180 and remove this feature. lol

Diver2290d ago

Why not just build one that don't overheat? Imagine bein on the greatest kill streak of your gamin career an your console shuts off.

NeloAnjelo2290d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Trolling? Its a legitimate question... given that I'm on my third Xbox. This one is more expensive. Why would I make the same mistake again?

I guess you're okay with something that cost $500 and will still over heat.

user55757082289d ago

they're already on thin ice after all the nonsense policies and flip flopping. and kind of overheating or hardware failure like the 360 had would be the final nail in the coffin because the xbox one has nowhere near the popularity that the 360 did

Godlovesgamers2289d ago

Says the guy with 3 bubbles. We know who the troll is.

Regarding the article...

Its about time considering desktop and laptop computers have had this tech integrated into their bios for well over a decade now.

ShinMaster2289d ago

So it's still going to overheat. Only difference is it has a fail-safe.

Never had any other system overheat on me. 360 needed a fail-safe though.

badz1492289d ago


"They use a brick for three reasons. 1, smaller console. 2, easier to sell the console in countries with different voltages, as only the power wire/brick needs to be changed, and nothing needs to be done internally to the console. 3, proprietary, so if it fails, you have to buy another one from the maker."

1. XBone is NOT SMALL.

2. there are many electrical appliances which are already supporting 100~240V & 50/60 Hz input without the need of adapter/transformer. this is really a non-issue. I have an imported PS3 from Japan (100V) and is using it in my country with 240V input WITHOUT the help of any adapter. plugged it into the wall and it just works but I was surprised at first because it stated on 100V on the console.

3. yes, propriety.

gobluesamg2289d ago

Saddam's been on N4g a week and he's callin out trolls haha. GTFO

ma1asiah2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

To all the haters who were quick to pounce on Saddam

How is NeloAnjelo's comment not a troll comment?

By merely asking it, he is implying that the X1 has heat issues, with which if he/she had bothered to read the article and not just the bloody headline would know that this is not the case.

Point in case let me just spell it out for those of you who seem to be very illiterate or just don't bother to read before placing comments.

Opening paragraph:

So here's a cool thing the Xbox One can do: It automatically recognizes when it's overheating—probably because you're an idiot and left a pizza box on top of it—and can adjust on the fly. In fact, it's designed with extra room to make those adjustments.

Next point and I hope I am not going to fast for you to comprehend:

“We can’t prevent misuse of the product," del Castillo says, "but we can certainly anticipate it." That's done by the Xbox being aware of the temperature it's running at, and having the capacity to cool itself down in a few ways. "The way we designed the box, we don’t actually intend it to ever have to go to maximum speed under normal environmental conditions. But there is overhead. So we’ll allow the fan to go all the way up to its maximum speed and if that solves the condition without the user having to do anything."

Now excuse me for come across a bit pissy but that is what happens when people ask stupid questions without Actually reading the article first.

As for trolls Pro SONY peeps or just plain old MS haters loitering around like a bad smell in every X1 article that exists on this site, tell me who are the real trolls....does it mention PS4 answer NO.....Does it mention SONY answer Fudge NO Is it an article that is not specific to the X1....Once again NOOOOO!!!! and yet right on cue here you all are spinning the same BS and absolute drivel you lot seem to be only capable of doing without forming an unbiased opinion.

So there you go the disagree is the middle one and the bubble down is to the left. Since you all know no better and will probably not even bother justifying your disagree or your bubble down. Still what more would I expect from a bunch of haters.

Maybe if some of you spent as much time playing games as you do glued to N4G then maybe this site would prove a lot more insightful.

first1NFANTRY2289d ago

@ Saddam_hussein

You're filth and a M$ apologist. Nothing NeloAngelo stated was meant as a insult nor was he trolling. You're the type of person that will spew racist remark on COD online when he/she is losing. Your kind is the reason alot of people dread getting a xbone.

hay2289d ago

Confirmed: Xbox One "Power Naps".

Juangie32289d ago

That is a legit question. Why are they so concerned with overheating when the power supply sits outside the unit?

MWong2289d ago

"This keeps it from melting the plastic in its body"

That part made me laugh, but if your console gets that hot yea you need to go outside.

TeaRunner2289d ago

Apple devices such as iphones and ipods got this too. They will give out a warning and shut down. It does not mean that they have a problem of overheating. They are due to factors like sun exposure, humidity and air quality. It does not mean there is a problem with the hardware itself. MS technicians are capable enough to make a hardware device that will not overheat on itself.

MWong2289d ago

@ Tea
"MS technicians are capable enough to make a hardware device that will not overheat on itself."

Please don't say that because it will start people saying what about the 360. Where were this capable techs with the RROD. I hope M$ has learned their lesson from the 360.

Jockamo2289d ago

jesus he's trolling. anything can overheat depending on the conditions of the environment

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Ashlen2290d ago

The brick doesn't have anything to do with overheating issues, nor is it surge protection.

Funantic12290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

The power brick does have surge protection. That's why it's not supposed to be plugged into a surge protector. Plugging the power brick into a surge protector can actually harm the 360.

Tony-A2290d ago

I'm confused. Wasn't the 360 and PS3 (at very least, the latest models) able to do this?

M-M2290d ago


I'm not sure about the 360, but I know the PS3 has it.

NexGen2290d ago

Yep Tony...they do. This isn't a big earth shattering new piece of technology. My tv does it, my ps3 does it, my laptop does it...everything does this nowadays.

HammadTheBeast2290d ago

Here's the thing, PS4 has an internal power brick with surge protection. XbO has a massive external one.

redwin2290d ago

I'm sure they have learned from their previous mistakes. This sounds like a great back up system.

gaffyh2290d ago

@Funantic - I've had my 360 plugged into a surge protector for years, that is just a myth imo. It does nothing harmful.

jacksons982289d ago

I'm just going to say you should actually "think" before you speak.
How in anyway is cleaning the power and eliminating spikes before it hits the power supply going to hurt something?
Do you know the difference between a cheap surge protector and an expensive one? An expensive protector usually has several stages of filters.

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nick3092290d ago

Any device can overheat within constant use, i used to keep running my laptop on for weeks and eventually it died.

one2thr2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

I can add an example: The batteries in my gameboy color, over heated in my pocket to the point I had to throw it...

(The gameboy was still safe to play)

edit: I meant to add, while I was playing Pokemon Gold and eating dinner (at 14yrs old)

MysticStrummer2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Not sure why you got disagrees. Well actually I do know why, but they are from irrational people.

If it was impossible for the thing to overheat it wouldn't be designed with an auto shut down. Even with the power brick and it's size, it can still overheat. As nick said, pretty much any device can overheat.

UnHoly_One2290d ago

Being capable of overheating and being prone to overheating are two separate things.

His comment was implying the latter by using the words "does this mean it WILL overheat".

That's why he got disagrees and got called a troll.

Godz Kastro2289d ago

Read the article!!! Its a fail safe for misuse. Like people sticking it in a tight cabinet with no breathing room or stacking stuff on top of its vents.

This site is really getting pathetic...

sdozzo2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

I think it's like the article stated... protects the system from people not giving it ventilation etc. Hope PS4 has this.

My Vita has told me to shut down when I've been sitting in direct sunlight outside.

one2thr2290d ago

Mine does/did as well it even shut off the mobile antenna as means of keeping cool... Its a sweet piece of hardware (:

badz1492289d ago

I have the 3G Vita and I do receive the

"the system is too hot, data will be disabled"

and in a couple occasions, it shut down shortly after. the thing is, I only get this message while playing 1 game; NFS Most Wanted. I have more than 10 games for my Vita and only NFS gives me this problem. I wonder why...

WitWolfy2289d ago


I agree, my PSV even gave me a blue blinking light of death once. almost got a heart attack seeing the handheld was only a week old.. Something tells me that game wasn't properly optimized for the system..

dp2774072289d ago

I've never had my 3G Vita power down on me but its frozen twice I think, I can only actually remember once though lol.

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SegaSaturn6692290d ago

Anything with electrical currents generates heat.

If conditions are wrong, dust, moisture, direct sunlight, etc... can cause the components to reach heats that are not recommended.

GamersRulz2290d ago

I thought they design it to be on for 10 years?!

AceBlazer132289d ago

Well they've said a lot of things about the Xbox one and look how they turned out.Wouldn't hold them to anything they say at this point.

dragon822289d ago

That is exactly what they said. That's why it is so big. I am confused by this info. Is it able to be on for 10 years straight now or is that feature gone?? I sure wish MS would make up its mind about what they want the XB1 to be and have.

CerebralAssassin2289d ago

Its is. But there will still be dumbasses out there that will have the system tucked away in their entertainment system and leave it running with no ventilation. So it need a fail safe for stupidity.

aLucidMind2289d ago

Think of it more like sleep mode or hibernation on your pc or laptop. Its still on, it just isnt running anything. It, like laptops, will likely only overheat when it is actively running.

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FanboyCrusher2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

No it means it's a safety measure because Microsoft can't risk doing the RROD again. It WILL NOT overheat, it would entirely cripple their gaming division, and they're not about to do that with the money that they make.

Why would anyone be mad about a safety feature, you know there are still morons that put their consoles in confined places and never take them out, or clean them. This is simply saving those idiots from a console break down. Any console can overheat under the right conditions, being prepared is the smart thing to do.

It's horrid watching the fanboys agree with you. Desperate for Microsoft to fail because they're insecure about their console. Seriously, just get one or both and shut up. We don't need to pretend it's going to overheat just because Microsoft was smart and planned ahead.

HammadTheBeast2290d ago

"It will not overheat"

Please. No more.

Can I just take your user name and crush you myself?

MizTv2290d ago

So it gets real hot
Why does this not surprise me?
Oh yeah rrod

jackanderson19852290d ago

read the article.. it's saying under crazy circumstance this kicks in not under normal operations

nypifisel2290d ago

It's nothing exciting really, PCs have been doing this forever.

2289d ago
ma1asiah2289d ago

Put the PS4 in a confined space with no ventilation or place a pizza box in front of or on top of the air vents and what do you know it too will overheat.

Think before you place idiotic comments

andibandit2289d ago

"So it gets real hot
Why does this not surprise me?
Oh yeah rrod "

So you made a really dumb comment
Why does this not surprise me?
Oh yeah troll

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MasterCornholio2290d ago

Wanna see any console over heat?

Just leave it on for hours in an enclosed environment with no ventilation.

bligmerk2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Isn't this confirmation straight from MS that MS knows the XBone will overheat? It's funny how the xbox loyalists (since they want to keep emphasizing how they aren't fanbois) keep dodging around how obvious there is some kind of heat dissipation problem, with the whole top left half being the equivalent of a screen door and a bunch of vent meshes all over the cable TV box design. Of course, the xbox loyalists will say this "feature" is MS being proactive. If they knew there was an actual overheating problem, they would notify their loyal lapdogs, just like they did with the 360 and RROD...oh, wait...

jackanderson19852290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

you clearly didn't read the article... they specifially mentioned the misuse of the console in which this feature would be implemented and used... and by implying that having this feature means a overheating problem exists then the PS3, PS4, Vita, iPhone and most PCs all have heating issues

VENOMACR2290d ago

Did you even read the article? It's meant to mean that if you put crap on top of it or close it in an entertainment unit the risk of over heating is there and the system takes appropriate action to avoid damage. PS fanboys and trolls will find anything to nitpick about because they are so insecure.

devwan2290d ago

The thing is, this is really essential as the way ms are promoting their "all in one box for the living room" people are going to be sticking plenty of them in their cluttered entertainment centres and sitting their cable boxes on top and all kinds of crazy stuff, treating it more like just some other boxy piece of kit under the TV somewhere.

Personally I like to have my consoles out in the open, where I can get at them and swap carts and discs. With ms' push for a digital future and all that it's likely many will end up in cabinets stacked high with other devices like surround systems, cable and sat boxes, existing dvd/bluray/pvrs etc. Toasty.

Muffins12232290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

*Plays watch dogs for a minute* xbox:"Shutting down"