Microsoft ‘Strongly believes’ you’ll love Xbox One Kinect so much that you’ll never disconnect it

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will work even when the Kinect 3D camera isn’t plugged in. That’s another big change in policy for the company’s next-gen console.

“When we first announced Xbox One, we did intend for Kinect to be plugged in for the console to work,” a Microsoft spokesperson told GamesBeat. “As we’ve progressed in the development cycle we’ve revised our approach so that the console will still function if Kinect isn’t plugged in.”

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ShugaCane1891d ago

Yeah, hence the latest backflip..

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Maddens Raiders1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

It's hard for me to believe anything MS says these days. I've never seen a gaming company make this many reversals and 180's ever, much less all within a launch year.

This makes me question the overall integrity and durability of the system if this much hedging and second guessing has been going on before it even hits shelves.

I know it won't stop the hardcore early adopters, but I am certainly leery of the console's build quality and I'll wait a while before picking one up. I am also waiting for MS to reverse the need for LIVE subs just to access all of one's pre-purchased apps. I hate to feel that I'm being flat out lied to and ripped off by a multi-billion dollar company.

black0o1891d ago

x1 at may isn't the same x1 now and only God knows what x1 at lunch will be

British_Knight1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

I would't call it a backflip. People have complained, griped and lambasted Microsoft for every decision they've made regardless if the decision was good or bad. People hated the DRM policy and shared games, so Microsoft changed it. People griped about the 24hr mandatory check-in; Microsoft changed it. People were pissed that XB1 didn't come with a headset; Microsoft said screw it we'll give them a headset.

Finally, the last major complaint that people had was the mandatory kinect functionality with XB1, so Microsoft decided to make it optional.

Kinect is still bundled into every XB1. Microsoft has invested too much money into the technology to abandon it. However, I believe, so does Microsoft, that Kinect will be so awesome that gamers will keep it Kinected at all times.

I think people are hypocrites. I'm not saying you are exactly. I'm referring to people who criticize Microsoft for changing their policies. They're giving us everything we want and still people are dissatisfied.

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Boody-Bandit1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

We are NOT the ONES that disconnected Kinect in the 1st place. You were. So if you honestly believed "you’ll love Xbox One Kinect so much that you’ll never disconnect it", you would've never dis-Kinect-ed it.

Sorry MS but your credibility is next to nil with all of these 180s. Just keep your head down, keep an eye on the pulse of the possible consumers and make the best decisions you can to try and claw your way back.

H0RSE1891d ago

You were doing good, up until the second paragraph...then things got a little bias and emotionally charged.

Boody-Bandit1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

To those disagreeing with H0RSE. He responded to an edit of mine that I edited yet again (deleting my last paragraph) before noticing he responded to me. Gotta live up to my name sake here (Brutallyhonest).

Not sure what I wrote word for word as to what H0RSE replied to but it was something along these lines:

"Now watch MS back this up by announcing a Kinect-less SKU @399 or less. I'm not trolling, but just frustrated from all these 180s that my head is spinning. Maybe they should change the name from XBOX ONE to XBOX SPINDIZZLE." <-Not word for word but something like that. So rain the disagrees down on me and not H0RSE.

My bad H0RSE. Being an MS gamer the past decade plus I'm just beyond frustrated with MS at this point. I still don't see myself getting an XBOX ONE at this point.

The only thing that "might" win me over is a cheaper SKU and if they allow current 360 peripheral compatibility with the X1 so all the current perps I currently own would carry over. Even then I'm not sure I would jump. They (MS) are simply ALL over the place and seem like they don't even have a direction they themselves believe in and lost my trust as a consumer.

H0RSE1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

Thanks for being fair and honest, but I was actually responding to this:

"Sorry MS but your credibility is next to nil with all of these 180s. Just keep your head down, keep an eye on the pulse of the possible consumers and make the best decisions you can to try and claw your way back."

Instead of "emotionally charged, " perhaps I just should've said "dramatic."

Boody-Bandit1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

Either way H0RSE I will agree with you for having the courtesy of actually responding to your disapproval of my post instead of being a phantom.

I honestly think what I wrote is spot on and not dramatic at all. MS has to be VERY concerned about their pre-order numbers. MS is where they are as a corporation because of their marketing, advertising and most importantly projecting demographics / probable sales. This has to be the main reason they are making all of these changes. They are no where near their projected numbers and are trying to claw their way there.

They made WAY TOO MANY miscalculations and are guilty of their perceived success with the 360. If anything they should've paid attention to the industries history. Anything, regardless of current or past success, can change in an instant with 1 or 2 miscalculations. MS has made several.

At the end of the day. The consumers dictate where the industries goes, not the manufacturers or developers.

Nolando1891d ago

Ill keep it plugged in, it came in the box why not?

NeloAnjelo1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

So I guess that's why they took out the DRM?! What's the next 180?

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