Microsoft makes ANOTHER 180 and 5 lessons they should learn for their next product launch

Behold the Xbox One, Microsoft's next generation console and PS4 killer!

No, wait. We’ve got to change that a bit.

Behold the Xbox One which did a load of stuff that a lot of people didn't like when it was announced but will do almost none of that stuff now.

Microsoft is like a portrait painter that can’t leave well alone. When it hears negative comments from gallery visitors, it swoops in to make corrections with a Sharpie.

When the company announced the Xbox One back in May, it included a fistful of features that immediately angered gamers: troublesome restrictions around used games, annoying always-on connectivity and a camera permanently pointed at players among them.

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Bleucrunch2284d ago

This was a well though out article, he hit it on the dime and to make a long story short...KISS (Keep it simple Stupid) All this hopla with the Xbox one and M$ has had to do 180 after 180 because it does what it does with everything it tries to sell, force you to upgrade and force you to work on new things that they them selves have not properly informed the masses about. These five points can be applied to any company trying to release a product to the masses. M$ learned a hard lesson with the gamers responding and giving them the notion that we will not purchase your product based on what you have presented. I am a hardcore gamer I will purchase all the new consoles but my fav console is the playstation and I commend all gamers for speaking up about M$ clear miscalculations. If this was Sony or Nintendo doing this I would expect nothing less from the gamers because all these companies must be held accountable for they want to offer us and why we should spend our hard earned money on their product....Now if we only did this to Activision....I guess I am reaching with that one.

r1sh122284d ago

i wouldnt say 180 after 180, there have only been 2.
What MS should have done, give users the options.
It would have been good to get users to think about the potential and try entice them to digital games etc..
Forcing it never worked with any company.

If MS said, if you go digital (excluding DRM)you get these bonuses etc..
If you have kinect you get these bonuses..

Obviously ensure the DRM/ privacy is been created with consumer rights in mind then let the consumers decide.

What didnt help was the mixed messages from different people in MS - who had no idea what to say.
Don Mattrick "If you dont have internet, buy the xbox 360" LOL WTF

TheEvilWithin2284d ago

There has been three 180's now.

1) DRM

2) Indie Support

3) Always connected Kinect..

r1sh122284d ago

Three 180s..
Still the rest of my point is valid.

2284d ago
eman3d2284d ago

Sony was going to do the same thing Microsoft was doing with the Xbox One and turned their backs, it was a bush league move which further shows how desperate Sony is this time around. Do you really thing Microsoft wanted to come out and do this on their own???!!! The developers, Sony, and Microsoft were all a part and in agreement for these new policies. As a matter of fact, if you do your research, you will see Sony was interested in doing this way back with the PS2!
What Microsoft was trying to do would have benefited us as gamers, not as fanboys, but as gamers in the long run. If people would stop being closet fanboys they would see this as clear as day.
Microsoft was not going to destroy our industry they were trying to destroy the one enemy of the industry which is GAMESTOP!!!
All you Sony idiots are such fanboys you fail to see the plan and Microsoft is a lot at fault for not explaining themselves correctly at E3
If Microsoft and Sony (who bailed out just to make Microsoft look bad) made these new policies the norm we would eventually see purchasing ecosystem similar to STEAM. No more GameStop jerking us around and developers would finally get some revenue for used games sales.
If people would stop being fanboys they would've have understood and supported such a move.

Kayant2284d ago

I disagree. Steam works because there is a lot of competition on the pc space. MS wouldn't be comparing with Sony or Nintendo because they are all separate platforms. Publishers will have a field day with prices.

Also what they were doing pre 180 was about getting more control to them and publishers by turning physical disc into digital ones even though digital copies where going to be available for all games day one. It's either all digital or leave like it is now where we have option of digital or physical.

Gamestop does not dominate in every country or even have a present in some countries so they are really only a problem in the US and the US != World.

Also why is the game industry different to all other forms of media where second-hand market is not really a problem? Why are games so different. All this drm won't work on consoles because there will be no competition.

TheEvilWithin2284d ago

Well said! Bubble for you!

GravelerMagnitude92284d ago

If Msoft is Sony's competition, how is Sony desperate.

If anything, Sony was smart

Now Msoft was the one who had the chair pulled from under them and fell down looking clumsy

Plus you obviously work inside Sony to know exactly what they were going to do with policies.

You say drm would make for Steam like ecosystem, but Msoft has digtal content from 2005 that cost $20 dollars today. Whats stopping them.

You can use the fanboy word all you want.

In your eyes Msoft are innocent angels
, but Sony is the devil because they didnt go with policies that most of the world couldn't agree on.

But if you honestly believe Microsoft would sell games with Steam like prices, then that isn't the Money hungry rip off Microsoft that you are talking about

eman3d2284d ago

Obviously you won't see my point because you honestly feel Sony is the 'good guy' LOL

This is business and Sony is a desperate company right now. Microsoft was not planning on initiating these policies all by themselves, no way, it's too obvious they would be frowned upon and Sony back stabbed them.

Everyone know the US market is the primary market and the market everyone wants. Unfortunately, GameStop is a major influence to the US Market and Microsoft was making a move to get from beneath GameStop's shadow.

Eventually it will happen is one form or another, it could've happened with this generation if Sony was a team player but as we saw, that wasn't the case.

Microsoft and Sony will do battle and it will be good for consumers but I feel Microsoft was trying to help gamers while Sony played the PR game and really did NOTHING in terms of innovation.

GravelerMagnitude92284d ago

eman3d i see your opinion, but saying DRM is innovation and is good for gamers idk about that.

Maybe for Microsoft and developers, but for gamers, with parts of the world with no constant internet access.

What im saying is that us so called Sony fanboys arent selfish. Selfish as in "I have internet , so DRM is no problem to me".

im not saying all xbox fans are selfish neither.

I like Sunset Overdrive, Halo, and Titanfall

But i could not argue with you because you see DRM as a good thing and i dont.

As much as i like some Xbox One games, i wont buy the console because i dont support Microsoft.

Why dont i support them? Bad history and their policies.

But for your sake, I hope DRM returns to Xbox One because i would hate for you to miss out on that potential innovation.

rainslacker2284d ago

Hmmm...bold claims. Have anything to back up your accusation that Sony was going to do this too? I mean I can see the publishers wanting to do it, but since they never said anything to the public, and no one has officially said they planned on doing this, we can only speculate.

I'd be most interested in Sony wanting to do this with the PS2. I've followed PS1 and PS2 pretty closely during it's time, and after their time, yet this is the first time I've ever heard of it. I even went and did some research before responding to you.

If you're going to make such bold accusations in an attempt to deflect the actual topic, at least back them up with links.

Also...GameStop is not the enemy of the industry, and what MS was doing would have benefited them, not us, or the industry. Sorry, I'm a consumer. I don't care what the companies want us to like, I will spend my money on what I feel is worth spending money on.

I could go into a detailed dissection of what you said, but what's the point. You won't take anything from this post as it is since you obviously don't care to see more than black or white.

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buynit2284d ago

Blah blah blah...

Just give me another ps4 and im happy, lets not move forward /s

Brute_Shot_Adam2284d ago

I'm well excited for the Xbox One. I liked the DRM, maybe not the whole kinect being on 24/7 and the internet having to be on also. But I was glad MS were taking a FUTURE-proof stance to their console.

Bhuahahaha2284d ago

pls ms dont go 180 with the free sticker

gaelic_laoch2284d ago

There would be another Boston Tea Party except with Xbone's going overboard instead should that happen!

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