NZGamer: Universe at War: Earth Assault Review

NZGamer writes: "Real-time strategy games on a console platform carry with them a mixed bag of feelings. On the one hand you appreciate a complex strategy game on your 360, but on the other you miss the precision of controls that traditionally only a mouse and keyboard can deliver. Gamers can be assured though, that with Petroglyph Studios (containing many Westwood Studio developers at the helm) they are in capable hands.

Universe at War takes place in a futuristic world with three factions: the Heirachy, the Novus and the Masari. The Heirachy have arrived from outer space in massive numbers to invade Earth with the goal of stripping the planet of resources and destroying all life currently inhabiting it. Their shear numbers overwhelm the planet's defences and just when all hope seems lost. a mysterious portal opens up and the forces of Novus emerge."

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