Exciting Features Gamers Will Be Missing Out When Kinect is Not Connected to Xbox One

So Microsoft has done it yet again, new morning and a new Xbox One policy change, this time around its a massive one, "Kinect is no longer mandatory for functioning of Xbox One". This latest change might look good on paper but has its own share of demerits.

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ShugaCane2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

People were concerned that the Kinect might spy on them so I don't think they'll be missing out features like Identity recognition..

mattdillahunty2282d ago

"exciting" is a bit of a stretch. some of the Kinect features are honestly pretty cool, but something i'd be excited over? i wouldn't go that far.

StoutBEER2282d ago

Some of these sounded good, controller recognition, profile recognition all that. But honestly yhe last part with the missiles, and holding the controller up for shields just seems stupid to me. I'm getting an Xbox One, have been since I saw the games at E3, but to me personally, those last examples sounded really retarded.

rainslacker2281d ago

That'd be a cool feature if I could just go "pew pew" while pointing at the screen. We did that kind of stuff when I was a kid on the play ground....ahhh memories.

I'd probably feel pretty stupid doing that though if I was playing with company over. I guess "fire missiles" is a bit more manly.

Otherwise, not a terrible feature, but most of that other stuff is just voice commands. Dodging/strafing could be done with any motion camera device. Shaking to get away from zombies....I don't recall ever having fun having to shake the sixaxis to get out of some death hold while playing games this gen....guess that kind of thing is cool now though.

2282d ago
Yi-Long2282d ago

.... and TBH, NONE of those features sound appealing to me.

JohnDoeUpInHere2282d ago

The Xbox fanboys have spoken with their disagrees!

AllroundGamer2282d ago

Yi-Long then you're not a Gamer!!! /s I think most people feel stupid yelling at the screen while playing a game anyway, especially when the command can be also executed by simply pushing a button...

Excalibur2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

@ AllroundGamer
Then I must Not be a gamer as well because none of that appeals to me either, even with my over 200 Xbox 360 games and 102385 GS.

Don't believe me click on my account and see for yourself.

AllroundGamer2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Excalibur the /s is for sarcasm ;)

Edit: apologies not accepted, slap yourself 2x with the power brick :)))

Excalibur2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Apologies, so many people so quick to defend everything Microsoft does and I was too quick to realize your sarcasm.
Been reading too many of their silly comments today, again apologies.

Shadonic2282d ago

>.> But true gamers always yell at the game, your obviously not a true gamer if you've never yelled at lag or some noob or the game in general with bugs. The only difference with the kinect is that this time your yelling actually does something.

AllroundGamer2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Shadonic well that is true, but gamers also want to play effectively and what is more effective - have to shout some words ( where is also a risk of not being recognized properly) or one push of a button?

The voice recognition system is fun for some time, just like with my Samsung smart HDTV, but after a while you realize, that it's more simple to just use the remote control... And gesture controls aren't so precise and are dependent on the environment light conditions.

rainslacker2281d ago

You could just use a mic and not have to scream.:) Most of the features listed were voice commands. Kinect isn't necessary for them.

Otherwise, I don't even like using voice commands.

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Septic2282d ago

Well I read the article and they all sound pretty cool to me.

Things like controller profile recognition will be a godsend for me because I play a lot of beat em ups with my mates who come round. No more going into the options and calibrating the buttons (one of my mates bloody ages to configure his every time).

Also, I'll definitely love to use gestrure control especially when I'm eating for instance and I don't have to touch the controller and snap internet explorer or something else via voice.

Voice commands would be great and potentially quicker to access a game. Xbox record wasn't mentioned. That will definitely be used by a lot of people.

Things like touching your temple to activate a visor are neat features. Imagine playing a DBZ game and getting a scouted reading like that for instance.

There is lots of potential here. Let's hope it all works as seamless as Microsoft says it will.

Saddam_hussein2282d ago

Your not allowed to like it.

andrewsqual2282d ago

They are missing out on forced mandatory Kinect. This is a good thing.

SegaSaturn6692282d ago

Don't forget spontaneous PRISM sponsored RAVES with FBI agents butt chugging everything in sight while Darude's Sandstorm is cranked in the background.

YNWA962282d ago

Hello Sony guys... now that Xbox changing direction, whats your next target for your bully tactics? Tell, between you all, a full brain develop yet?

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