NZGamer: Viking: Battle for Asgard Review - Sega unleashes their Viking on 360 & PS3

NZGamer writes: "Viking: Battle for Asgard is best described as a mix of developer Creative Assembly's previous Total War games and Sony's God of War series, mixing hack-n-slash, quick time events and building up an army into an action adventure even Odin could be proud of.

Its story tells the tale of Skarin, a Viking who was on his way to Valhalla before Freya, a daughter of Odin, intervened and resurrected the doomed warrior on the condition he serve as general of her army to defeat Hel, queen of the damned. The immediate problem facing Skarin is that Hel's army of the undead has imprisoned all of his Viking brethren in cages scattered over the world map, and has them securely guarded - so he must travel the world releasing his men and slaying the undead."

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