"Way Beyond Anything We’ve Done Before": Building The World Of Grand Theft Auto V

Aaron Garbut is the art director at Rockstar North, the Edinburgh studio that produces the Grand Theft Auto games.

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Prcko1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

this game will be huuge!
even snow is in gta v,this is crazy

1892d ago
3-4-51891d ago

There aren't many games left to just wander around in and create your own fun.

N64 had a lot of them, it was one of the best things about that system, GTA games have always provided that feeling of creating your own fun.

I can't wait for this game.

GTA 4 was fun up until about earlier this year when it finally started to feel dated.

GTA 5 is going to be fun well into the next gen.

Lighter91892d ago

"And then there's GTA:Online...." Guy giving the interview doesn't even follow up and ask him about that.

resi51892d ago

He probably wasnt allowed to since the gta online reveal is on Thursday

Elwenil1892d ago

Fans who can't get enough GTA5, like me, should check out the GTA5 website. Looks like they gave it an overhaul with some new stuff to check out.

3-4-51891d ago

trying to avoid thinking about the game until release date.

asiatico1892d ago

Great read! So hyped for this game

shadowmist131892d ago

Getting harder to read something new about gta 5,because each time it gets harder to wait,this is going to stampede all over bioshock infinite and tlou,gta v is getting game of the year.

greyhaven331892d ago

Not trying to troll you. I'm just grateful we have had the fortune of having all of these amazing games this year, regardless of which one wins

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