NZGamer: Saints Row 2 Preview - A huge leap over the previous game

NZGamer writes: "Saints Row was essentially a sneak preview as to what free-roam games could be like on next (this) generation consoles. High-definition, intelligent A.I, and larger playing areas were just some of the treats we could expect from a modern day game like Saints Row. Now there is a new member soon to arrive in Stilwater: Saints Row 2.

This time around the game is promising to add in all the cool features and vehicles fans have been screaming for. The cars in Saints Row were quite decent, not to mention you could modify them quite extensively to your liking. In the sequel players will be blessed with some new types of vehicles as well as expanding on the classics. Airplanes and helicopters are now making an appearance along with monster trucks, quad bikes, motorcycles, and many other cool little toys."

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