Payday 2 Has a Year of DLC Planned; Female Robbers Could be Added

In an interview with OXM, Overkill’s David Goldfarb talks about DLC and what we could see in Payday 2 the future.

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johnbama2282d ago

It better be free/very cheap DLC!

mirroredsakura2282d ago

The first DLC is 'free' for those who already preordered.

AedanClarke2282d ago

For now, how 'bout you give me Pete Gold's original Hoxton as DLC? I miss his Sheffield accent. It made me love playing as the character.

akiraburn2282d ago

I'm with you 100%. Hoxton went from being my most played character in the original to my least played during the Payday 2 beta. It's not solely that they changed voice actors either, it's that it isn't even the same character. He's now an American with an entirely different back-story (supposed to be Dallas' younger brother according to the wiki), and unfortunately the new voice actor did a really poor job with his lines.

Now, I don't know if it was the audio director's fault for giving bad line-reads, or the voice actor just being bad for the part, but it just doesn't work well overall. There's a petition on to get Pete Gold back, if for nothing else than a free patch so we can choose which Hoxton to use. It's already got about 3,000 signatures, so you know, hopefully this gets through to Overkill. Everything else about Payday 2 is pretty great.

AedanClarke2282d ago

Ah, I was one of the first people to sign that petition, mein freund.

But I didn't find the new voice actor to be all that bad, but he certainly ain't the greatest, either. Besides... Dallas' brother? Really? They don't look alike. And they most have very different genes if one has a head full of hair and the other is bald. I mean, damn. I blame Demian Lichtenstein for this mess.

Blastoise2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

I'll wait for the complete edition then

progaor20132282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

goty edition it not is neither main game this game is stupid i played 1st one for 15 minutes i had no clue what u r sposed to do.

well u cant go in guns blazing i know that ill be skipping this game i bought every major release this year this and killer is dead only 2 games i will not be buying

cod ghosts is autoskip also

AedanClarke2282d ago

Honestly, if you're so incompetent that you can't type coherently, then it's no wonder that you don't know what the do. Come the hell on, man, IT POINTS YOU to what you're supposed to do.

I like how you added in "CoD Ghosts is autoskip also" so that people wouldn't say, "Go back to CoD." So, uh... go back to CoD.

VTKC2282d ago

you know. Doesn't the title of the game give it away in what you are suppose to do? Have you seen pictures or photos of the game? You know?- the guys in masks and holding guns?
I tell you what I save you the trouble. I will tell you. Think of it as like a Hitman sort of game but instead of planning to kill someone. You are suppose to plan a robbery at the bank.
Now go play the game or demo again and have what I told you in mind.

Khajiit862282d ago

Played it today. I do not think I will play it that much more.

alexmac2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Let me played it without friends.

kostchtchie_2282d ago

maybe he did not like the bullet sponge cop spamming that 2 shot your armor and life? this game is joke at anything above hard, maybe he did not also like how the fbi have issues with them that hits are not registering? or that some 3 star white games are spamming cops like its overkill mode?

Khajiit862282d ago

Yeah the aiming is horrible... really horrible.

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The story is too old to be commented.