How Epic’s buyout freed People Can Fly to bring straight-up shooters into the 21st century

Edge:We delve deep inside the studio behind Bulletstorm and Gears Of War: Judgment.

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shivvy241985d ago

if only people could fly

1985d ago
showtimefolks1985d ago

if you can find a great publishers than everything is set, a publisher that is willing to let you work on what you want and gives you creative freedom without forcing focus team's data down your throat

that's what happened to insomniac when they chose EA

There are only handful of Publishers who have a proven track record, capcom and square use to be part of that but now they are outside looking in with all the sequels and dlc crap

here is my list of what i think are great publishers

Konami with castlevania lords of shadow and P-Games with MGSR

RS games, or take-two




if i was a developer my choice would either be RS or sony, sony because they have so many teams and so many games in development

porkChop1985d ago

Epic isn't a publisher. They only develop games.

showtimefolks1985d ago

my mistake i always thought of epic as a publisher

Funantic11985d ago

I'm a Xbox fan but I was disappointed in the last Gears and Bulletstorm.

showtimefolks1985d ago

bulletstorm was fun but last gears and last god of war both games didn't need to be made

both felt like extra games in series that just didn't fit in

shivvy241984d ago

i would have preferred new ips from both of them

brich2331985d ago

Judgements multiplayer is worse than Gears 2 Update 6 multiplayer and it pains me to say that because Gears 2 was Slomo Gears.

killalot1001985d ago

The last gears was a huge letdown.