12GB flash-based PlayStation 3 on sale in North America, despite Sony's prior claims

Engadget - In September of last year, Sony threw in an interesting nugget when it shipped the third-generation PS3: there'd be a unique, more affordable 12GB flash-based unit exclusively for Europe and Hong Kong. Sure, it doesn't do much good for those who boast huge game libraries or prefer to store odds and ends locally, but Sony clearly determined that there'd be a real market for such a product. Sony Computer Entertainment America VP of marketing, handhelds and home consoles John Koller sat down with us following the launches, and made a point to tell us the following:

"The smaller Flash drive isn't coming to North America, and a lot of that reason is the digital consumer. We really want to make sure, out of the box, that there is an option for them to be able to download that content. That is really critical for us, very very important."

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Crazyglues1895d ago

Hopefully it will get more uses to the system, maybe at this price some of those just blu-ray watches might become gamers...

It's a good move for Sony

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1895d ago
LordDhampire1895d ago

I just want a 200 one to replace my broken one

IcicleTrepan1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

Not sure why this had to be a flash drive installed in the hard drive bay. Maybe to make it look more expensive than just throwing a thumb drive in with it?

I paid this price for a PS3 Slim 120GB when they were trying to clear stock.

yellowgerbil1895d ago

at only 12gb this shouldn't cost more than 149$ 200$ is way too much, and will hurt them.
It really should be a 60gb at 169$ that is the sweet spot. Enough space to warrant getting ps+ and anyone who gets Ps+ will become a sony fanboy. which would mean more money down the line.
12gb isn't enough, hell I got a 40gb model and can't even download the free Uncharted 3 campaign on PS+ because it is more than my total harddrive even if everything was deleted.

TongkatAli1895d ago

It should be a cheaper then a 3DS ? Gtfo here with that BS.

yellowgerbil1895d ago

the ps3 is 6 year old technology. So YES it should only be 150$. By this point last gen we saw the PS2 at like 100-150$ range, and with the ps4 coming out at 400$ and being something like 12x the power, the ps3 implied worth will be taking a nose dive.

if you don't agree go out and buy the overpriced useless new model. I think most people are aware how pointless 12gb is for 200$ hell even an ipod has 16gb for less.

JetP06191894d ago

@ yellowgerbil, correction it is a 7 year old technology, but the hardware inside costs alot more than the 3ds and does more than the 3ds. you shouldnt even be comparing a fucking handheld to a household console. it's not overpriced at all for the tech you are getting, for a lot this is a good entry model especially to those people that just want a bluray player and gaming as a 2nd priority. and fyi people can get used harddrives for less than 50 bucks if they decide to play games or install games on their system down the road later on. this is just an option for those that want a cheaper model.

GraveLord1895d ago

This thing is essentially a box for watching Netflix. That isn't a bad thing. There's a huge market for the casual gamer who watches Netflix.

To those saying this isn't enough, this model isn't for you.

yellowgerbil1895d ago

it's not enough.
here's why
yes 12gb is enough for casual non gamers, but Sony needs to turn them INTO gamers. 12 gbs doesn't give them the full experience, it is basically a "lite" version. They won't be able to buy ps+ and be indoctrinated, instead they will only be getting the casual aspects.
they need at least 60gb, that way they can get plus and without investing in games can learn why games are so good.
if someone had a 12gb ps3 and plus they would not have enough space to download Uncharted (40gb) or Hitman (17gb)
instead they would only be getting the psn games that wouldn't really offer something that their phones can't do.
yes this model will sell, but it won't make sony any money. Hardware sales offer nothing to Sony, infact they might even be at a loss. You need to be able to get them to buy software, and this model won't allow for that, hell some games install as much as the harddrive has (heard gta5 has like a 10gb install or something, mgs4 had a 5 or 6gb install...)

GraveLord1895d ago

The Hard Drive is easily upgradeable.

Don't worry though, the console is making Sony money. It has been since 2009 and they aren't stupid enough to change that.