CyberPowerPC Unveils Zeus Hercules Gaming Laptop with Integrated Graphics

Maximum PC: System builder CyberPowerPC just announced its new Zeus Hercules gaming laptop with Haswell inside. You might think that such a name would be reserved for a high-powered notebook with dual GPUs, but in this instance, the Zeus Hercules leans on integrated graphics to push pixels around its 14-inch display. Intel Iris Pro Graphics 5200, to be exact, which Intel claims offers up to twice the 3D performance of today's fastest mobile Intel HD Graphics solutions.

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zeal0us1895d ago

$1,039 for that garbage, pff. $749+ will get a midrange 14in Lenovo gaming laptop.

1894d ago
newsguy1894d ago

Lenovo is great with the deals, I agree

Studio-YaMi1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

My $2700 msi gaming laptop with a gtx 780M begs to differ ...

meowthemouse1894d ago

Getting bare bones MSI and adding 780M to it will cost you a bit above 1800. I don't think the dragon edition is worth it.

thisismyaccount1894d ago

Why stop at 2.7k$... cheapskate that you are! ;)

A laptop for a whooping 8000$.

Studio-YaMi1894d ago

I'm actually aiming now for something like the "Fragbox",with dual GTX 780 SLI ,I will be set for next gen.

M-M1894d ago

"though it only costs $1,039"

I really hope he's speaking for himself lol.

ninjahunter1894d ago

Eh, according to benchmarks it mediums PC enhanced games at 1366x768 and plays ports on high. You would probably be better off Getting an MSI gx60 or something Same price range, But its got an ATI 7970m but the cpu is kinda lame one of them A10 jokes.

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