WWE 2K14: 30 Years of Wrestlemania

Officially entitled WWE 2K14, the game is due out on November 1st in the UK and will boast a single player mode that will continue to thrive on the feel good retro nostalgia created by the last instalments awesome 'Attitude Era' mode. Though wrestling isn't everyone’s cup of tea a lot of people know of and often indulge in the yearly spectacle entitled Wrestlemania; which is exactly why 2K14 will take you down memory lane again with the 30 Years of Wrestlemania mode.

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Rainstorm812282d ago

Sounds Great....As long as they have every match from every Wrestlemania and not just the Main Events

nevin12282d ago

I doubt they will have every match.

TheMadStork832282d ago

Just saying, 2k should mix things up a bit and for the WrestleMania VIII match and make it the dream match that never happened. Ric Flair vs Hulk Hogan.