PS4 and Xbox One? No Thanks. Not Yet. Here's Why.

SuperPhillip Central writes, "There's an excitement surrounding the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One from many outlets, gamers and consumers. It's for a legitimate reason, too, as this past generation has long worn out its welcome to many, simply because of how lengthy it has been. That said, we're in the camp that aren't absolutely ready to leap into the next generation with Sony and Microsoft's new home consoles, and we've prepared a brief list of reasons why."

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golding891944d ago

It's fine to wait to upgrade your console but sooner or pretty sure you will want to upgrade

JackBNimble1944d ago

There is only one reason for me to buy a next gen console and that is for first party titles. I will be waiting for first party ps4 games before I buy, all the multiplatform games I want I will be playing on PC and those wont be coming out until 2014 anyway.

Beside that GTAV and NHL 14 will be on current consoles (for now ) and not next gen.

FamilyGuy1944d ago

MS has dropped all support for the 360 already, they aren't making any new games for it (only 3rd party/multiplatorm devs are) so, for those gamers at least, there's no reason to wait.

Most of us just want to get them before they're sold out. Whether we buy this year or wait till a few months have passed they'll still be the same price. Might as well get use to the new hardware sooner.

Both systems have features that make gaming more fun and convenient than the current gen systems. Not to mention all those multiplat/multigen games he's naming off are gonna look and play better on the next gen versions.

user74029311944d ago

why in the world couldn't have dark souls 2 and gta 5 come out 2012 or something. those games are games you can't miss.

FamilyGuy1944d ago

What's wrong with them coming out now?

user74029311944d ago

i want to sell my ps3 to buy a ps4.

Lovable1944d ago

"Current launch lineups for both systems aren't overly appealing to us."

This. There are a few games that interest me, and I'm sure to buy once I get the system, but it's not something that I would buy a console for. Now, releasing any JRPG game might push me into buying the new console. Titles like Disgaea, SMT and FF is what I'm really waiting for. As for now, FF 14 for the PS3 will keep me busy.

creatchee1944d ago

I can see that. However, while the first party games may not have mass appeal to non-genre fans, there are plenty of third party games that benefit from upgraded hardware. 64 player Battlefield. New engines and more realistic animations for the sports games. The true versions of Watch_Dogs.

Plus the second wave of games coming soon, like inFamous:SS and Titanfall. Next Gen isn't going to take long to heat up.

dcj05241944d ago

MGSV, Witcher 3, FFXIV, FFXV, Infamous:Second Son, Batlefield 4, Killzone:Shadow fall, the indie games, PlanetSide 2, War Thunder, Warframe, The Elder Scrolls:Online, Watch_Dogs, The Division, Destiny.I CAN'T HANDLE THIS. TOO MANY GOOD GAMES in only the first year. My wallet is crying tears of sadness. I know I can't buy all of these. For me Next-gen is a no-brainer. There is just too many good titles in year 1 with more to be announced. Add PS3 and VITA games into the mix and, oh god my 2014 backlog is going to be huge. I don't even wang to know what PS+ will do to my VITA and PS3. I'll never be able to beat all my games.

Yep1944d ago

You're not really missing out on next-generation if you own a PS3 and Xbox 360 considering a lot of the games on the PS4 and Xbox One are on other platforms.

Still though, it's not uncommon to have later adopters.

wishingW3L1944d ago

if no one buy consoles at launch then 3rd party's will only take longer to make the jump.

GryestOfBluSkies1944d ago

if the response to the current gen watch dogs trailer is indicative, i think most people who can afford to get a new console will as soon as they can

Tru_Ray1944d ago

I will be buying a PS4 on Day One (I preordered it on

Call me crazy, but I like being an early adopter of technology platforms. I can't wait to play KZ: Shawdowfall, which I intend to purchase digitally.

It may be several months before the platform is flooded with an abundance of "true" next-gen games, but there is more than enough content at launch to keep the hardcore gamer busy.

I have been saving $100 dollars a month so that I can splurge when the PS4 is finally released!


GryestOfBluSkies1944d ago

i also pre ordered a ps4 for day 1. the fact that my existing ps+ account carries over is an easy deal sealer. drive club for free on day1? yes please. if the fee is reasonable, i will likely upgrade it to the retail version as well. i also love the killzone series, so ill have that on launch.

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