How Optional Kinect Could Be One U-Turn Too Many

Dealspwn: "The original design for the Xbox One set it apart from the PS4 in a number of ways. Some were controversial, others were simply new. But this isn't an industry that does "new" very well. We look critically upon precedent, we are an entitled bunch that demand proof, and Microsoft should have known that. Instead, we're all paying the price once again for poor communication. "Why should we change?" we asked. "Why do we need these things that you're offering?" And instead of answering, Microsoft have scurried away and returned with a meek and hurried, "Oh, you don't. Not really."

"Microsoft have weakened themselves with this one, and only some serious firepower at Gamescom will steady the ship. We need justification -- as Jon put it earlier today, Microsoft have dropped the stick, but where's the carrot?"

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ShugaCane2281d ago

Okay it's cool they're listening to feedback, I guess. But if they don't announce a cheaper SKU, I'll just assume it was another trick to make believe they actually care about their customers.

ArchangelMike2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Here's the real question Xbox fans should be asking, "did Microsoft do any market research at all during the R&D stage. How did they get is sooo wrong in the first place?"

Sony comes out the gate and knows exactly what their customers what, the hardware, the software and the price. Microsoft, not so much. How is it that they were so out of touch with their customer base?

That's the worrying thing.

Donnieboi2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

MS didn't care what customers want. They wanted to block used games yet still charge $60+, put spy cam in our homes to limit the number of viewers who can watch films (and who knows what other messed up reasons), and a slew of other sick policies.

In fact, MS did something akin to reverse market-research:

They decided to take away so much from us, and had the nerve to tell us that this was somehow "the future" of gaming. They assumed that Americans (their core audience) were dumb enough to fall for this, but they were wrong.

MS's policies don't EVER have to become the future. Even if u want an all digital console, it never hurts to have discs that you can still trade incase the game sucks. MS can take their dystopian future and shove it up their xBOX.

I will never trust any company who supports that again, and based on pre-order numbers, i'm not the only one who feels that way.

s8anicslayer2281d ago

All's I know is if you make two U-turns you just end up going around in circles..just saying!

JackBNimble2281d ago

Beginning to sound like a sonybox now, with a little less power mind you.

4Sh0w2281d ago

No I like the competition and I like that X1 is still different from ps4 with kinect.

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EasilyTheBest2281d ago

If they bring out an X1 without Kinect they have lost me as a customer.

cozomel2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

because you're a sucker?

Thank goodness they got rid of that crap!

4Sh0w2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

cozomel the only sucker is you who cant imagine people wanting more than upgraded graphics.

yeah me too, I'm only buying it because I liked how different and forward thinking their strategy was from sony.

cozomel2281d ago

" I'm only buying it because I liked how different and forward thinking their strategy was from sony. "

And im the sucker? try again kid. I'll take extra raw power at a lower price from a company with a proven track record of having more exclusives and better support for their system any day. Over some kiddie family friendly gimmicky crap

Darrius Cole2281d ago

If you think the "not required to play but still required to purchase" Kinect looks bad now, imagine what it will look like if Sony announces a PS4 + PSVita bundle for $500.

gaelic_laoch2281d ago

U Turn I Turn We all Turn to Hirai

pyramidshead2281d ago

Damn n4g is peppered with kinect articles today lol. Is this damage control or..?

robotgargoyle2281d ago

There are probably fence-sitters who are waiting for xbox one to drop Kinect 2.0 all together and lower the price.

I would say that most people who complained about Kinect camera surveillance, were already firmly in Sony's camp with preordered ps4s.

I just don't think MS will abandon the Kinect. They want them in your home. The problem with this holiday season is there aren't any pure Kinect games for the casual crowd. (Kinect sports rivals delayed till next year). So, people who purchase it, and intend on utilizing Kinect may be playing with the interface and the occasional implementation in standard play sit down games that could be played without it.

xActionBasturdx2281d ago

Now that kinect isn't required the real question is why do I have to pay 500.00 for a console bundle when I dont need it in the first place? This is what i was hoping MS didnt do. I was dead set on getting my X1 at launch but now im 1 foot out the door. I can no longer support the X1 simply because it has lost its identity since its initial reveal in may. If they announce a kinectless sku at a reduced rate the X1 will fail. Devs wouldnt waste resources on kinect intergration since it wont be in every home like it was anticipated. It just makes me uneasy as a supporter of the X1 to hear news like this

ArchangelMike2281d ago

I think M4 have no choice now but to lower the price of the Xboxone, possibly to match teh price of teh PS$. However they have placed themselves somewhat in a catch-22 position. If they match the price of the PS4, pound for pound the PS4 is the more powerful console. So for the same price, why would you not get the more powerful console.

xboxone fanboys will claim that, "it is a good thing that M$ are listening to their customers." The truth is actually much worse. The console lacked vision from the start, M$ has sold out on every single thing it claimed was it's vision, for the future of xboxone.

This proves beyond a doubt that there was no real vision to begin with. They just wanted to capitalise on the 360 fanbase. It backfired, and now they are doing everything to imitate the PS4, so that they don't loose more market share to Sony.

Don't forget that, "imitation is the highest form of flattery".