Behold, Buzz! Quiz TV for the PS3

"Sometimes reading words is hard work. Sometimes you need someone to talk at you. To show you. In walks the above Buzz video. If you've had trouble making it through one of our Buzz! Quiz TV posts (including our recent hands on impressions) in the past then let the game's host, Buzz himself, show you exactly what's what."

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Rick Astley3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

Haha I was just playing the PS2 version yesterday. Great stuff.

Edit: What the hell is wrong with this page?

Omegasyde3846d ago

its fixed, i made some wrong copy and paste errors.

Another great party game on the PS3, about time. But this probally won't come to america for like 9 years.

i.e. singstar.

Rick Astley3846d ago

Too late to cancel the report urhg!

And yeah you're probably right. Makes me sad.

resistance1003846d ago

Played this at LIVE, and im preatty sure they had wireless handsets this time.

Really its just classic Buzz in HD =D, which is all we ever wanted

Darkiewonder3846d ago

and Make up your own question. How will they filter out crap that isn't real or doesn't really have a correct answer?