GameSpot: UEFA Euro 2008 Hands-on

GameSpot writes: "EA has at times been accused of milking franchises for every penny it possibly can, and never more so than around the time of the release of its midseason football titles.

With this in mind, we recently headed up to Guildford to see EA and play UEFA Euro 2008 with a certain sense of trepidation. We are pleased to report that while the game is based on the same engine as FIFA 08, rather than just repackaging last year's game with a few new modes, the FIFA gameplay team has worked on addressing the issues in FIFA 08. This makes a game that not only fits with the European Championships but also just plays a better game of football.

The most obvious change, outside of the specific European Championship modes, is the speed of the game. The players look and feel slightly faster, which we were told was a result of player feedback about the speed of FIFA 08. The players' speed has increased 6 percent, apparently, and their acceleration curves have been steepened so that they're faster out of the blocks. Irrespective of the numbers you can feel the marked difference, as it does make the game feel faster and more easily flowing."

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