Wii U Version of Project Phoenix Not Being Considered, “Huge” announcement about DRM Incoming

The Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming indie JRPG Project Phoenix is speeding towards the first stretch goal, having just surpassed the $250,000 mark at the moment of this writing, and more information is filtering through the grapevine.

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NYC_Gamer2289d ago

Why not?the game would benefit from being released on all platforms.

Abriael2289d ago

Most probably a matter of costs, and the fact that Nintendo isn't accepting applications from japanese indie devs at the moment.

Canary2289d ago

Because ports take work.

Reading the kickstarter page, many of the people working on the game are doing so sans salary, so it makes sense that they'd want to get it finished as soon as possible.

If the game turns a sufficient profit, it's fairly likely that they'd explore porting to other platforms.

Concertoine2289d ago

Of course they do, but 90% of the indie games that were announced this year include a wii u version, because indie games have seen much success on nintendo platforms.
So a new indie game not on wii u is a little surprising,

admiralvic2289d ago

@ Concertoine

What indie games HAVE been successful on a Nintendo platform? As far as I can tell, most digital games are just virtual console titles and Nintendo really lacks a real presence on the digital front.

As far as the Wii U remark goes... I think that has to do with them having ideas for the pad or thinking the lack of awesome titles will result in them getting sales. Easier to generate money when there really isn't any competition.

gamer422289d ago


Well, renegade kid, wayforward and nnooo, have been successful on nintendo platforms and some other indies saw success on nintendo platforms.

webeblazing2288d ago

i second that nin store sucks the need more indy games cheap games that can be played with that kind of remote or arcade like games that ur playing while someone is watching tv would always get played

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gedden72289d ago

Media and 3rd party companies are politicking against Nintendo platforms.. Im sure that has deterred them to do the same....

TongkatAli2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Nintendo fanbase troll the F out of the competition, bunch of clowns who think cause you got the cheaper product with more install base or even when you have low install base for example the Wii U you deserve everything.

Keep buying Nintendo and supporting Crapcom games that is all you folks are good for. Everytime I see a Nintendo fanboy complain about trolling it makes me laugh, like really ? The fanbase that says my Vita sucks cause my hardware is too strong and my games don't matter cause there isn't a Nintendo logo on them really ?

The fanbase that says indie games blow chucks, but when Master aka Nintendo says that they will accept indie games they aren't garbage anymore and you want them.

It reminds me of my cousin who is one of the biggest shit talkers I know, but when someone make funs of him he cries foul and swears revenge. There is a complex going on in your brain for sure Ken Goomba.

gedden72289d ago

@ TongkatAli

I am no fanboy! I just state the truth...

How many doom and gloom articles are directed towards Nintendo??? COUNTLESS and are they deserved NOT AT ALL... Not even the slow Wii U sales.... ITS ONLY BEEN 8 months. But where are the DOOM and GLOOM articles for Sony and their finical problem WHICH ARE REAL FACTS. Their electrics are failing, PS3 barely made a profit from it HIGH production costs and Vita is dying fast, VERY FAST.. So where are those doom and gloom articles.. What about MS and their RED Ring of death fiasco and flip flopping doom gloom as of late. I do see some but the moment I see one I see another stating wrong of us to ask for no crazy drm policies or whatever...

And lets just be honest ALL PARTIES to MS, Sony, Nintendo has trolls.. NO SH!T stupid no one company is at a victim status.. But when the Media and 3rd Companies get in on the act, then that deserves some calling out of some kind.. No??

And Crapcom lol Ummm Capcom is not part of Nintendo stupid lol

TongkatAli2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

I never said Crapcom was a apart of Nintendo Ken Goomba.

Sony is in the green

Nintendo is in the red

I'm not saying Nintendo is failing, but their shit is red when its suppose to green. You're a huge Nintendo fanboy everything is about sales to you.

We all know the real deal bro, the most popular things like Justin Bieber, Nincki Minag, Lady Gaga, Twlight Books, 50 Shades Of Grey, Reality Television and the 3DS are

With the Wii U Nintendo does deserve props. It's a proper HD console.

gedden72289d ago

LMAO Part 2


LMAO @ you homie lol

Are you, no YOU ARE STUPID!!!

You're talking about stocks now but NOT profits THEY ARE TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ELEMENTS. Nintendo's stock is in the "red" because is went down 1% lol Sony stock is in the green because its went up.. BTW Nintendo ONLY MAKES GAMES AND HARDWARE for those games. Sony is an Electronic company, their stocks should be higher..

And you brought up games, so lets talk about games and the longevity and lasting appeal of them.. Because Justin Bieber, Nincki Minag, Lady Gaga, Twlight Books, 50 Shades Of Grey.. Well lady Gaga though is weird is a great and talented artist but others are fake and not good at what they do right??? Right! I hope you can follow..

OK so did you know that the top 15 Games of ALL TIME sold are all owned by Nintendo at one point.

Read this

So by your own accord Tetris is a Justin Bieber? Or Super Mario Bro is 50 shades of grey?? What logic are you using??

Not all but MOST of these game are TIMELESS... MEANING PEOPLE ARE STILL BUYING THEM!! Not so much the name but because they are great games. Could you name more then 5 sony or ms first party games, COMBINED... Halo is dying, COD is dead in the water, GTA is AWESOME!!! Should I go on? Oh I forgot lol those are multiplats lol Whats your point internet tough guy/gaming genius?? You have none and your argument that Nintendo doesn't get enough backlash is quite pathetic to be honest..

webeblazing2288d ago

yea tong im not getting your point i barely see nin fan trolling and they have the right to bring up sales in my eyes because they constantly get bashed. i dont even know why you compared them to capcom. nin make great games there support is kinda below avg tho. i been on this website for the longes t i never heard the things your saying.

oh yea you trying you sound like i lil kid thats being bullied

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3-4-52289d ago

yea Wii U needs more RPG's. If Wii U became an RPG machine I think you would get people willing to buy it who might not otherwise have bought a Wii U.

gedden72289d ago

They are working on it.
Ever heard of Xenoblade??

falcon972288d ago

WiiU digital sales are massive about 40% of all software sales actually,and it's growing fast,countless indie devs have praised wiiu,and from what ive seen wiiu owns indie devs this GEN.......ps4 second but still way behind.

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sherimae24132289d ago

i can understand if its not coming to 3ds, because it doesnt support unity engine.... but the wii u is capable of that...

and its also odd that there is no ps3 version too while there is ps4/vita versions of the game...

plmkoh2289d ago

"and its also odd that there is no ps3 version too while there is ps4/vita versions of the game..."

x86 and Sony has already mentioned PS4 development costs are lower. On top of this the Vita is the same architecture as Android and is compatible with Unity Engine.

On top of the fact that the game is slated to release in mid-2015, the PS3 would hardly be a relevant main platform to develop for.

falcon972288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

Let me say not 1 developer that knows his stuff has had problems with wiiu,ive heard things like,wiiu hardware is very powerful Michel ancel's words,wiiu can do movie quality textures Michel ancel's words ect ect ???

If a console can do movie quality textures it can handle any game out there....

plmkoh2288d ago


What are you on about, I'm not talking about the WiiU.

I think further to irrelevancy of your comment is you didn't even consider that this is a 'KICKSTARTER' project, they don't just program for any platform because it's compatible BUT because it's all they can afford to do so budget and time wise.

BlackWolf2289d ago

Well, that's too bad. Hope they decide to port it eventually, tough.

thezeldadoth2289d ago

keep digging up that wii u negative news. someone is trying really hard to keep finding it. who cares about the game or the kickstarter campaign, the real news here is that its not coming to wii u.

G20WLY2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

The speed at which this project has gained backing has been hot news today.

PS4/Vita versions were confirmed after the initial announcement, so it's plausible that this could be considered for other platforms and people will, of course, want confirmation one way or the other.

So quit whining and move along, okay? We know now it's not coming to Wii U and you won't be troubled on the subject again. smh

leahcim2289d ago


it almost look like

each game will receive damage if its ported to wii U.


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