The Xbox One Before and After - Over the past 3 months we have witnessed something amazing in the gaming industry. No matter what side of the fence you sit on its hard not to be amazed / bewildered by the amount of change / reversal / transformation the Xbox One has under gone in just 3 months and without actually having launched yet. Even as I write this, its hard to say that what is to follow will be the end product but I think its worth a quick look at what was and what is to truly grasp what has taken place.

Lets look specifically at what has changed. I give you Xbox One before and after…for now as things may still change.

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Jdoki1889d ago

So MS have gone from having a bad / interesting strategy (depending on your POV), to No Strategy. Except playing catch up and trying to justify being $100 more expensive than the main competition... if you can call that a strategy!

Luckily they have Ryse to make everything better /s