Halo 3 first scans?

Here you go xbox fans scans from a foreign magazine(dutch?)

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deepio4471d ago (Edited 4471d ago )

They could have least scanned them in properly instead of just taking a photo!

THWIP4471d ago I have no idea what the article says about these screens. But, I do see a pic of Peter Jackson, so this may actually be from Halo Wars, and not Halo 3. Either way, it doesn't look too bad, but it's really hard to tell with such poor quality pics. Hey time, turn off the flash!

zypher4471d ago

eh. one thing's for sure, this DEFINATELY doesn't look any better than GOW graphically, which can be just as good for GOW as it is bad for Halo 3. but then again, these are vague scans from a magazine, and this IS Halo we're talking about; its the gameplay that matters most. it'll be cool if they can implement the dual-wielding of weapons the way Resistance is. nevertheless i WILL be getting Halo 3, rest assured.