Call of Duty Ghosts: COD Infographic—By The Numbers

Gameranx: "Activision has sent along a rather large infographic depicting the success of the Call of Duty franchise—by the numbers."

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unprotected2283d ago

and the point? these guys are getting desperate \

sdozzo2283d ago

I thought it would be units sold. Shots fired? I like CoD but c'mon.

gedden72283d ago

Ok that was very stupid... No pun no witty comment.. that was just stupid... They are running out of idea on how sale a crappy game..

snake_eater2283d ago

How about the amount of hours spent camping?

snake_eater2283d ago

Lmao look at all the disagrees

Calm down camping brigade, just calm down

Master-H2283d ago

pointless article , at least show units sold not care packages called , i mean who SERIOUSLY cares how many care package was called since mw2 in total ??? certainly not me.

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