Xbox 360 vs PS3 - Sony losing run-in on game preorders but PS4 set to obliterate Xbox One launch

PlayStation Universe looks at the state of current gen preorders between Xbox 360 and PS3, then takes a look forward to PS4 vs Xbox One preorders.

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Smoovekid2290d ago

"Exodia obliterate"

No one... okay.

paybackprahl2290d ago

I see what you did there. I wonder how many people will.

JunioRS1012289d ago

Awh, yeah, I got Exodia!

"Naw, man. That's just his head."

Wowwwwww, YuGiOh... *facepalm*

Master-H2290d ago

"I've finally broken all the magical seals... I call forth ... the unstoppable Exodia!

Snookies122290d ago

We all know his deck was rigged.

TekoIie2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Rigged? I think you mean heart of the card brah ;)

TomShoe2290d ago



JunioRS1012289d ago

Pegasus was such a dick.

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jonnyvito2290d ago

Is Exodia obliterate something to do with card games?

The Meerkat2290d ago

Obliterate is such a good word.

jp_footy22290d ago

It obliterates every other word.

Snookies122290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

What about annihilate? Obliterate's only rival.

ThatCanadianGuy5142290d ago

I dunno man.Decimate annihilates obliterate imo

Reverent2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

@DayZ, even the definition of Decimate is intimidating.

"Kill, destroy, or remove a large percentage of"

Granted, that is only the modern definition.

Decimate is misused so often; it actually means to reduce by one tenth. So, it's actually a very minuscule thing. (But, according to most dictionaries, this is now false. I feel like we can thank the hipsters for that).

iamnsuperman2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Note to remember: The USA was a big 360 install base. That combined with millions do not buy a console day one means it isn't such a suprise the 360 game pre-orders are a head. Expect last gen to have more pre-order games early in this coming gen while the rest of the previous install base adopts.

I know it is VG chartz (about as reliable as a chocolate teapot) but if the PS4 is gaining in the USA over the One Microsoft needs to act now with its advertisement capmaign. Japan is Sony, USA is Microsoft and Europe is mainly Sony with bits of Microsoft. Like a game of risk you don't want to loose your stronghold

J-R2290d ago

All the changes are being made because of low pre-order numbers. If pre-order numbers were on par with PS4 from day one Microsoft would have no reason to make any changes to their system and policies.

Customers are speaking with their wallets.

MusicComposer2290d ago

This is absolutely correct! Lets take a look at Amazon's top 100 sales for 2013 so far to get a better picture of the situation.

#3 - Playstation 4: Launch Day Edition
#7 - Xbox One: Day One Edition
#32 - Playstation 4: Standard Edition
#68 - Playstation 4: Watch Dogs Bundle
#70 - Playstation 4: Battlefield 4 Bundle

The standard edition Xbox One hasn't hit the top 100 yet, I'm assuming it will within a month or so though. This is the clearest sign that more people are preordering the PS4 in the USA, at least on Amazon. Maybe Xbox gamers are just waiting for the Mountain Dew and Doritos edition Xbox One?

rainslacker2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

There are so many games coming for PS3 this year, it's hard to say that one is destroying the other. You can look at big franchises and say one or three is selling more on the other, but if you add up all the software between all the big titles being released this year, Sony actually comes out ahead. Sony just has more 1st and 3r party exclusives coming out for the rest of this year than MS has had total in the last three years, and they seem to be doing pretty well.

MysticStrummer2290d ago

More numbers for fans of a particular next gen console to dismiss.

We'll see what effect the latest 180 from MS will have over the next few weeks. For people who don't want a camera on their console, making it unpluggable but still making you pay for it won't be much of a selling point.

NextGen24Gamer2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

I look at it like this, If you don't want kinnect & all of the gaming & non gaming next gen features it enables you to have, then don't buy an xbox one. LOL...if all you want is updated graphics, buy the ps4. That's exactly what the ps4 is. Better graphics plus now they want you to pay to play onine. That's the two differences between the ps4 & the ps3. Buy that if that's your cup of tea.

But, for those who want experience not just better graphics, but better gameplay and experiences, buy the xbox one! Being able to unplug the camera is more of a feature for those gamers who were concerned about privacy. Those who thought that the government would be spying on you through the camera. LOL...But when you buy your favorite game, and it has kinnect features that make the gameplay more immersive, whether it's voice, gesture, motion, or expression, heartbeat, or controller tracking....plug it in if you want to use it for that game.

MS's changes are simply giving more choice to the consumer. Who complains about choices? Now, if you just simply don't want to pay for Kinnect, then your choice is simple. DON'T BUY THE XBOX ONE! Conversation OVER!

MysticStrummer2290d ago

Many people want to play Halo and Forza, but they don't want to pay for a camera they have no interest in using. Look how many 360s were sold, then look how many Kinects were sold. The majority of 360 users didn't want Kinect. Now you have to buy it whether you want it or not.

You're assuming better gameplay and experiences from Kinect, but nothing like that has happened yet and nothing announced so far qualifies. Until that happens, there's no reason not to expect more of the same casual titles that turned many people against MS in the last few years.

A quick google search of "microsoft nsa" will show you that wondering who will have access to your information and/or conversations and/or images is not something to LOL about. It's a real concern, not only with Microsoft but they are definitely in the middle of that whole discussion. Kinect is just one of many ways such info can be gathered, but none of them are cool.

MS's changes are not giving more choice to the consumer. If they were, the original One policies would still be an option for those that wanted them. MS changes are simply offering a different One than was previously announced. That's not more choices. It's the same number of choices.

This conversation won't be over for some time, no matter how much you want it to go away.

NextGen24Gamer2290d ago


The Kinnect is part of the xbox one. If you won't want it, you have two choices.

1. Don't buy the xbox one
2. Buy the Xbox one and unplug the Kinnect.

It's really not that complicated. MS has made a decision to make the kinnect part of the xbox one experience. PERIOD. They are pushing the industry forward. The original Kinnect sold very well, but it was basically a HUGE Beta Test for the Kinnect 2. There was as many Kinnects sold as the 1st xbox. Over 24 million sold. Sure that's half of the xbox live users and only 1/3 rd of the total install base.

There were 2 reasons the original Kinnect only had casual games for the most part.

1. Kinnect wasn't perfect. It had some lag and was far from perfect.

2. Kinnect was optional. By it being optional, hardcore game developers didn't feel the need to invest in the tech. They want to reach as many gamers as possible to push sales.

So, with MS making Kinnect 2 part of the system, both of the issues that plagued the original kinnect are GONE!

And because it's a standard, it's ONE CLEAR way that Xbox One separates itself from the competition.

It's very important that MS & Sony give consumers different products. If they were exactly the same, the industry would be STALE, Boring, and stagnant.

Gamers need to stop complaining. If you don't want it, don't buy it. Let the rest of us enjoy NEW and exciting tech and you stay with the status quo.

Don't be surprised if the family share comes back before or shortly after launch for Digital Games. That is exactly why I'm never purchasing a disc again (well except for my ps4 games). All digital for me on my xbox ones.

Migster2572290d ago

You are very biased in all your comments. You don't even bother to look at the positives on both sides. Or the negatives.

"if you don't want kinect and all of the gaming and non-gaming next-gen features it enables you to have, buy the PS4." Well, I'm sorry to say this, but not everyone can talk. What happens to those people? They just wasted $100 for nothing. I mean, unless they wanted the Kinect for games. I don't understand how it's supposed to make gameplay more "immersive" either. Most games will be available for both consoles, and giving the Xbox One more features for most of those games seems pretty unrealistic to me. If you're talking about Xbox One exclusives, well, PS4 could pretty much do the same thing. Only thing they really don't have is voice command, or so I've been told. The Kinect recognizes heartbeat as well? What in the world would they need that for? Only thing that would be good for is if someone had a heart attack, they would be able to contact the authorities. Even then, I'm pretty sure that wouldn't be the case considering how that feature wouldn't work for people not in USA. Is privacy not an issue to you? Only reason I kind of agree with you with the NSA not spying on people with the camera, is because they already do, much better with or without the Kinect.

It seems you didn't reply about the privacy issue to the other guy, so I'm assuming he's right. Again, unplugging the Kinect? Why can't we just separate it? In fact, they should just stick with it being not unpluggable. All their changes just make it seem like they were never ready to release the X1, and that they don't know what they're doing.

The first Kinect was a huge beta test? So, by that, you mean they failed in making an impressive motion control device? Also, by that logic, if I bought a 360 and it was incredibly horrible, and they released the X1 a few years later, it's fine because it was just a HUGE beta test, right?

It's not something that separates it from the PS4. The inability of not having a Kinect is what separates it, and that obviously isn't that big. The PS4 still has the eye. Though I know that the Kinect pretty much beats it, hopefully at least, the only main difference, as I have said before, is that it doesn't have voice command.

Hardcore game developers will invest in the tech? Why would they waste money for that? Unless of course, you think game developers for Xbox Exclusives are the only ones that are "hardcore." If they were in it for the money, then they would earn more money by not touching the tech at all. For example, BF4 would not invest in that tech. They know that a lot of people would buy their game anyway. That just saved them a couple hundred-thousand dollars.

It's now new and exciting tech? Exciting, I can't argue with. That's an opinion. New? That's something I can argue with. The only new feature they added was it having voice command. And the fact is, being able to identify your gestures and motions, are not new. Perhaps nobody did it as well, but it's far from new. Besides, it seems like a waste of electricity. If you just spoke to the machine to turn it on, then it's obviously in standby mode. It still uses up electricity. If you even bother arguing with me in that statement, I'd just know instantly that you are an Xbox fanboy. If you argue with me asking, "it's turned off, obviously it doesn't use up electricity," Well, machines don't work that way. They need batteries or electricity to make them run. This also means that since the Kinect is on, NSA could spy on you at anytime. Unplugging the X1 would obviously make the feature useless, so I doubt that's an option.

MysticStrummer2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )


You're right, it's not that complicated.

As I said, those (the majority of 360 users) who didn't want it as an option won't want it as a mandatory thing that adds to the price.

Good job avoiding answering my points by posting MS Defense #1-5

Peace and good gaming.

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MRMagoo1232289d ago

You cant have a convo with elite that makes sense without him bringing up the MSdefensebook, this is the same guy (elite24gamer) that about a month or so ago said MS had some huuuuuuge megaton news for E3 that would blow ppl away and he got it from an inside source yet nothing happened and he wouldnt talk about what it was meant to be, so just ignore him and move on.

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