Why The Bad Company Win Isn't A Win At All

Luke Plunkett writes: "So EA & DICE have, as you've probably heard, altered their decision to charge users for certain weapons in the upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company. Cue high-fives and slapped backs across the internet. It's a victory! Score one for the little guy! Take that, big business! I'm sure a lot of people feel very proud of themselves! Thing is, how many of you have really sat back and considered what, exactly, just happened?"

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Blademask3938d ago

Oh shut up. These guys act like they are superior to commoners.

BeaArthur3938d ago

Even small victories are victories. The bottoml ine is that now no one actually has to pay to get the extra weapons if they want to use them.

xionpunk3938d ago

I don't care how they make up for their "lost" money (increased advertising, etc) as long as they aren't asking you to pay extra for things that are supposed to be in the game already.Stopped a big company from blatantly ripping off every single person who bought the game...sounds like a victory to me. Then again EA will probably surprise me and find a new way to rip us off.

mariusmal3938d ago

yeah it doesnt feel like a victory. this idea is itself a bad sign of things to come.

PS360WII3938d ago

well that's a rather wide speculation really. Sure EA probably had a dollar amount they were thinking of getting with the guns. They'll still get it with the gold edition but to say EA is going to plan other DLC is kind of one of those "yeah and?" sort of feelings. Of course they are going to offer something new be it for this game or heck any other game they have.

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