That “Exciting” LittleBigPlanet Announcement Promised Today Isn’t Very Exciting

We hope you didn’t get too excited for the “exciting announcement” regarding the LittleBigPlanet franchise expected today, because the Twitter account has revealed what we can expect it to be, and it doesn’t sound very exciting.

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Smoovekid1895d ago

Did someone say FREE dlc?

Maybe we will get a new game at Gamescom.

TrendyGamers1895d ago

I'm thinking there's a chance LBP 3 might be announced for PS3, considering they have a new Ratchet for PS3 in a few months.

Hopefully I'm wrong.

Wedge191895d ago

LBP is a game that can go far into the future due to level creation, etc. It would be more effective to put it on the PS4, because it will continue to live as more people buy PS4s.

DeadlyFire1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

Possibly a dual platform release with content sharing thanks to the cloud to both platforms. :)

admiralvic1895d ago

Well Into the Nexus sounds like a shorter / simpler game, like Quest for Booty and not a full fledged title (largely going off the price / cross buy aspect). Also unlike R&C, LBP 3 would be a huge push for the PS4 and logically offer far more than the PS3 could dream of. Would be silly to release it for the PS4 when the PS4 was made with developers in mind and yet LBP still gets passed up for the 3.

Craigatorian1895d ago

In yesterday's N4G Article about today's announcement there was a person who said they would lower their expectations so they won't get disappointed. Nice call.

TronEOL1895d ago

If Littlebigplanet continues to be made, it'll be done by the guys who made the Vita version. Media Molecule is busy off making Tearaway and a new IP for PS4.

I'm curious of which platform they'll make it for though. PS3 had it's fun with LBP, and keeping player levels and carrying over costumes limited how far they could push, or change the engine, making it (LBP2) feel more like an expansion pack than a full new LBP.

So I'm personally hoping it'll be running on a new engine on the PS4. Then, if they can, make a downgraded version for the Vita and PS3, with the NEW DLC crossing over with all 3 platforms. Then at least they can think of adding tons of new features that wont intrude on the old code of LBP1.

Donnieboi1895d ago

First it was Santa Monica hype (turned out their writer returned--snore fest) and now this. They really need to quit hyping stuff unless it really is a big deal. It only let's people down.

C-Thunder1895d ago

They aren't hyping anyone, the Internet just flips out over any little thing. Everyone needs to learn to calm down and wait for announcements instead of letting the hype get to them.

RedHawkX1895d ago

the playstation games are always in the news and always coming out. im still wondering why people here dont have a ps3 or are not getting the ps4 yet? playstation is gaming!

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RytGear1895d ago

Can people not announce their announcements?
The hype it builds will always overshadow what it actually is, why not simply just post it and let everyone find it themselves with no preposition.

ZodTheRipper1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

It was announced on Twitter, if it's anyone's fault that this turned out disappointing then it's the people who made it bigger than it really was. Twitter exists for posts like this ...

TronEOL1895d ago

But you have to understand where all these people are coming from. With all the "PS4 craze" still in the air, and Sony teasing even more game announcements, it's easy to assume this is a lot bigger than it ended up being (same with the SSM thing).

Instead of hyping small things like this up days before, they should just announce it the day of. These things don't need hype.

C-Thunder1895d ago

Maybe it's a complicated plan to get people numb to the hype train so when something truly hype worthy rolls around, we'll all dismiss it and be super surprised at the announcement....but probably not.

r211895d ago

Did people seriously expect LBP3 to be announced before a major gaming event? At least the free DLC is nice to know.

brew1895d ago

Sony has a history of announcing games prior to big events , though.

r211895d ago

My only recent memory of news like that were that F2P vita title. Other than that, bigger titles like TLoU, KZ Mercenary, Gravity Rush, PSASBR were announced at gaming events so one can assume something like LBP3 would be the same.

Eyeco1895d ago

If I remember correctly LBP 2, Infamous 2, The Last Guardian, Killlzone 3 were all announced a week or 2 before E3

knifefight1895d ago

The announced announcements rarely are any good. :(

ZodTheRipper1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

Everyone should have learned by now to not get their hopes up over a twiter post :D
I'm sure we'll get a big LBP announcement next week.

MestreRothN4G1895d ago

Agreed. I was very curious, but had little to no hope of a new and good game.

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The story is too old to be commented.