Xbone Kinect Reversal shows Microsoft Cares

Ben Wright of GamersBliss writes :
"The Xbox One has once again shifted gears as it has announced that the Xbox One now WILL be able to work without the shows that Microsoft is at least listening to its consumers. After the criticism it received from its Used games announcement and the previous Kinect requirement, it’s nice to see them taking what the consumers said seriously. It shows flexibility in the company and a willingness to appeal to its consumers."

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golding892284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Careful. Not sure this kind of article is allowed on here.

It's too pro-microsoft..

Beware of sony fanboys.

All jokes aside, it really is comforting knowing that they actually listened. I never really cared for mandatory kinect. It would have been plugged regardless. I guess, listening will make some people happy.

Donnieboi2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

The author forgot to add "only about money" at the end of the title.

Because remember, MS stubbornly held onto it's evil policies until the last second. It's August now. They sure took long enough to reverse much of the evil things that almost helped to destroy the gaming industry, the right to own your own games, and the right to privacy of gamers.

Soo don't be so quick to blame "sony or nintendo fanboys". Because the last I checked, I didn't see a sizable portion of the 70 million 360 owners flocking to pre-orderthe Xbox One either.

Edit: @ n4rc:

I meant that a much larger portion of PS3 gamers likely pre-ordered PS4, than did the portion of Xbox 360 gamers who pre-ordered Xbox One. In fact, we hear stories of people trading in their 360's towards pre-order credit for a PS4. Don't get hung up on that one thing I said, only to try and twist it's meaning.

n4rc2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Yeah.. Because 80m ps3 owners all ran out and preordered a ps4.. And Sony doesn't care about money, they just want you to be happy....


And as you point out.. Its August.. 3 full months before its even released.. How can you 180 on something that hasn't happened yet?

us_army2284d ago

The way any company works, Whether it is Sony or Microsoft, or whoever, care about the money. They do not care if people complain and whine, as this is unavoidable.

The numbers are very clear as for pre-orders. They are listening to how people are voicing opinion with their wallets.

pompombrum2284d ago

Microsoft Kinect reversal shows Microsoft cares about money - would definitely have been the more factual statement.

If people are pro Xbox One or pro Microsoft, I can respect that but saying Microsoft cares is a bit OTT in my objective opinion. The fact it's taken them this long shows that it's more of a case of them reacting to external factors than listening to fans. If they had listened to fans, they'd have done this along with all the other 180s and should have done so at their E3 conference instead of letting it go on further.

Raf1k12284d ago

Sony fans will obviously talk about how it's the money that has made Microsoft do another 180 but to be honest it's hard to think otherwise.

Any way you look at it both Sony and Microsoft need the money from sales and Microsoft has shown itself to be the kind of company that will reverse it's policies when it's profits are threatened.

Personally I'm glad they're doing this. It means I'll actually end up getting both consoles next gen though that depends more on what kind of exclusives they can come up with in the long run.

Shadonic2284d ago

wouldn't say that they were evil policies the DRM thing for instance that helps the developers you know the people that create the games you love so much not get fucked over by gamestop and pre owned game funds not reaching the developers. MS not describing the ease at which you would be able to use the DRM code though through kinect was there biggest issue. They gave us the policies but they didn't show us the benefits. Kinect being mandatory is a good thing IMO but MS didn't bring ANY games to show what it can do so people are just going off of the kinect 1's failures gaming wise on consoles unaware of the great things done with it through mods and stuff ( also coming to xbox One) on other games.

redwin2284d ago

Of course it's about the $. Do you think that Sony wants u to use blue ray because they like you? For every blue ray disk they sell they get money. Did h forget all the PS 180's ? : hard drive, multi cell processor , online gaming (they said no one cares about online gaming), broadband, even your controller now for the ps4 resembles more like a Xbox controller. It's a business , they need to make money, MS and Sony both.

HammadTheBeast2284d ago

"Xbone Kinect reversal shows that MS cares"

....about bad pre-orders lol.

eman3d2284d ago

You sure are caught in being dramatic. Sony was going to do the same thing Microsoft was doing with the Xbox One and turned their backs, it was a bush league move which further shows how desperate Sony is this time around. Do you really thing Microsoft wanted to come out and do this on their own???!!! The developers, Sony, and Microsoft were all a part and in agreement for these new policies. As a matter of fact, if you do your research, you will see Sony was interested in doing this way back with the PS2!
What Microsoft was trying to do would have benefited us as gamers, not as fanboys, but as gamers in the long run. If people would stop being closet fanboys they would see this as clear as day.
Microsoft was not going to destroy our industry they were trying to destroy the one enemy of the industry which is GAMESTOP!!!
All you Sony idiots are such fanboys you fail to see the plan and Microsoft is a lot at fault for not explaining themselves correctly at E3
If Microsoft and Sony (who bailed out just to make Microsoft look bad) made these new policies the norm we would eventually see purchasing ecosystem similar to STEAM. No more GameStop jerking us around and developers would finally get some revenue for used games sales.
If people would stop being fanboys they would've have understood and supported such a move.

Army_of_Darkness2284d ago

I care about my GF's feelings... If I want to ever get laid again that is ;-)

andrewsqual2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

This guy knows what he is talking about.
Gonna be saying this until blue in the face. They removed another barrier that they themselves originally added all on their own. Its just proof again that their was no real reason to have *insert terrible console policy that nobody wanted* to begin with.
Imagine were Microsoft would be today if they hadn't have released a broken console to the market for almost 5 years last gen and actually put some thought into revealing their new console almost 3 months ago.

Cop on right now. The publishers to this day have no idea what Microsoft were planning with Xbone. First Microsoft were going to hold all the cards on every single game, then they turn around 4 days before E3 and say they are letting publishers have to look after the trading in and reselling of their games. Publishers were baffled and when all asked they all had the same reply that Microsoft has yet to discuss anything with them how this shitstorm would work.
Microsoft were acting alone, pure and simple, let me guess, you are one of the people saying that Sony at E3 were going to have to do the same DRM thing in some shape or form. It sounds like you are still picking your jaw up off the ground after their world shattering E3.

@n4rc Sony wants some of our money surely but Microsoft wants EVERY SHRED THEY CAN GET.

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kreate2284d ago

Becuz of ppl's complaints, Microsoft is changing their policies.

Hopefully ppl complain about gold so gold becomes free.

Than I'm sure it'll blow ps3 and 4 out of the water.

strigoi8142284d ago

Haha so you think M$ will do that? You wish..if that happens they really made themselves like Sony..but you know Sony can drop one card that can blow M$ out of business and that is free online which they already have right now with the PS3..

kreate2284d ago

let's just focus on microsoft dropping the gold membership that comes with a fee first. than we can talk about other issues.

im probably the only gamer who plays on xbox that complains about the gold fee.

everyone else loves paying for it and will go all out defending it for reasons im not sure of.

redwin2284d ago

I can't believe people hate MS because. They have such great innovations, they want you to push you into the digital era. The only problem I had with the XboxOne was the 24hr check. After that reversal I resent my preorder of PS4 and preordered my Xbox . I like the idea of having my game in the cloud and retrieve it at will and not worry about getting scratched or lost. I don't have a problem w kinect, I already have a pc with a camera, a cell phone and a smart tv and toll pass, the government already knows where I am how much I make and how much I spend (no job pays in cash anymore). So, I'm buying all my games digitally and I'm connecting my kinect because I want an Xbox not a PS. And this next gen GameStop = Blockbuster.

iamnsuperman2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Well they care as much as any company who are trying to sell the most. To say these companies cares about us is a bit naive as they care about trying to sell a product that people will pick up over its competitors. That is why we see these changes. Microsoft clearly went (what the market perceives as) the wrong direction. I don't think it is people complaining but people not pre-ordering as the complainers are, nearly all the time, the minority

Also mods change the title. Real title is "Xbone Pulls Another 180, Will Work Without Kinect"

Hellsvacancy2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Lol, You make out like MS had a big smile on their faces when they had to change all of their polices

They had NO choice

A price cut will be next "We're making it cheaper because we care about you"

Steven212284d ago

No this is honestly BS on M$. They need to stick to their guns and push for kinect or other features. This is how industry continues to grow. I am not excited for the X1 but I feel that becoming stagnent and not trying to change the way we experince things is how we will see the demise of gaming. It is like that in any business model. Without change people become comfortable with what they are doing and industries fail because of other companies adapting and changing with the times. Granted I think some of M$'s restrictions were a tad much at first but the idea of mandatory kinect would cause the games to grow. The reason kinect sucked so much in the first place was the install base. Hardly anyone had it and no developer was going to risk their dollar on producing a game that would most likely be a flop. I still feel as though kinect should be mandatory but I applaud M$ for keeping it bundled still. Hopefully we will see some growth and change in the gaming community, something that hasn't happened much outside of graphical imporvement and online connection since the jump to 3D worlds. I hope kinect works for M$ and they can build a solid basis to actually create games that the hardcore care about and that are playable. I personally have yet to see games that will entice me to definitely purchase day one but I do have a day one edition reserved just in case. Until then I'm sticking with sony like I have for the past 3 generations.

RyanShutup2284d ago

Sony fans had it just as hard at the beginning of last gen. Mircrosoft fans need to learn to take one on the chin. The tables are easily turned...

spaceg0st2284d ago

Two perspectives...

1. They listened to their customers and are changing their whole plan because of feedback

2. They have no idea what they're doing and just playing catchup. For a company who was so gung ho certain about their 'plan' for the future, 24 hr checkins, every console having kinect to give developers unique developing opportunities, they've sure given enough reason to permanently change the name to Xbox one-eighty. For a company who swears by knowing what the consumer wants, and then reversing their whole business model and decisions due to overwhelming negative customer feedback, makes me question their decision making process in the first place.

In the end, both scenarios win for the gamers. I'll be getting both, but I might just wait for the impending cheaper Xbox, now that kinect isn't required anymore.

3-4-52284d ago

So they Fire Matrick and reverse nearly everything.

Hopefully they comprehend just how wrong they were. Hopefully they realize that they aren't as smart as they thought they were.

This is a good move for Microsoft. Nobody wants to work out while playing games.

Moving MORE takes you OUT of the experience.

Moving LESS, get's you in the "zone" so you forget you even have a controller in your hands.

It's not a difficult concept to grasp.

Mounce2283d ago

It's not about whether or not Sony fanboys will hate Pro-Microsoft articles.

It's the fact that people/consumers or Xbox fans are gullible to think a company like Microsoft whom, with very little effort, could give very little fucks to their consumer base and easily desired to fuck you over.

Their flip-switching being because they CARE?! If they fucking cared or gave two shits about their consumer base, they wouldn't have been making ALL THESE FUCK UPS TO BEGIN WITH.

Calling people out as Sony fanboys for realizing this Reality and fact is childish. Microsoft doesn't give a shit, they're reversing not because they care, but because they know it will lose them their MONEY and they wouldn't even be considered Competition to Sony and the PS4 if they stuck with their original plan -_-

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andron2284d ago

MS are great at flip flopping. Maybe take 5 minutes to think things through before launching next time eh?...

HolyDuck2284d ago

Why is it that every person that dislikes the console use the same phrases like "Flip flopping" it's like no one has enough intelligence to muster their own insult and must then piggy back off everyone else's hate, it's hilarious.

KwietStorm2284d ago

It's because that's what they've been doing, flip flopping. Simple concept.

333eee2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )


KnaveX2284d ago

Why does everyone call the number between 3 and 5 a 4?

pompombrum2284d ago

I agree, flip flopping is a stupid way to call it, the official term is flip switching.

Gridloc2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

So you were one of the people happy with MIcrosofts first announcement and went right out and preordered it after E3 expecting what they announced is what you'll get right. Fast forward 2 months and what's left of their original unveil? The blackest black, TV and the power of the cloud (lol). I find it funny that all the first supporters and now relieved with all the recent changes their making to Xbox one. One last question: How many times have Sony changed anything since its February surprise unveil? Answer 0. There is only one reason MS is doing all the back peddling and its because Sony caught them off guard and made them rush their anti consumer policies. Now you people think their changing policies is due to them listening to the consumer. RIGHT. They saw the preorder numbers, end of story...

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andron2282d ago

I imagine MS as a fish on dry land hopping about. Flip flopping just sounds funny...

FAT MAN GO BOOM2284d ago

No it does not show they care... it shows that they are scared about not enough preorders...

They treated gamers like morons thinking they would buy anything they put out as long as they can play HALO...

Now they are scrambling to fix all of their draconian policies

buynit2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

You sony fanatics are something else.. Just come right out and say it... You dont give a shit what ms does to try and make you happy you will always have a piss poor excuse lined up..

buynit2284d ago


Wtf do you want an apology letter? I dont care if they changed over pre orders or the kindness out of their heart. They changed the shit i didnt like and thats that.. God its like you girls are on your period every day..

5eriously2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Good all mighty, can I not remember all the piss poor excuses when the PS3 was launched. It was doomed, it was too expensive, Does not need BluRay drives and large BD disk sizes, It's an George Foreman braai, it's got no games and content and hundreds more. Also Who needs extra hard drive capacity and a BluRay

Now where is the PS3 and it's sales now or rather to make it easy, where id the eXbox360 and it's sales now, where are the new IP's and AAA content from M$, Where are the fantastic advanced AI in Milo. We can continue this debate for hours but this is all the time I have to respond to an atypical American juvenile eXbox360/eXBone fanboy.

buynit2284d ago


Its called getting over it.. Im enjoying this gen with all 3 consoles, ive had a great experience with them and im ready for the next 3 regardless of what fanatics think or say about a console..

Its time to build that bridge buddy..

Yes the ps3 has cought up but its a far cry from the ps2 era of dominance isnt it?! Their is nothing to debate when this gen was clearly a great gen to be a gamer, its just too bad your stuck on this grudge...

Bu bu but my ps3 look what it had to go through to get where its at.. Go change your panties..

All 3 consoles did great to bad you only see the ps3 side of things, oh well your loss not mine.. My gaming library was not gimped like yours by only owning a ps3..

Zichu2284d ago

Isn't this something that any company would do?

If Sony knew that their console wasn't getting enough preorders due to certain issues, do you think they would remove this issue because of their fanbase? Probably not.

Every company wants money, it doesn't matter if they have different views on whats right and wrong, they will do anything to make money. Sony knows what will get them the sales so they stuck with it, Microsoft decided to try something different out, it's not going so well, so they have to rethink their strategies.

KwietStorm2284d ago

Yep you're right. So just keep it real, it has nothing to do about "because they care." Their hand was forced after they were woke out of bed. It has nothing to do with da sony fanz. Their own audience didn't want what was being forced upon them.

Christopher2284d ago

***Isn't this something that any company would do?***

And something every company that does it gets called out for doing.

Nintendo gets called out for poor third-party games. Sony gets called out for poor online infrastructure and security. Microsoft gets called out for flip-flopping and hardware issues.

buynit2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )


Wtf you want an apology letter from ms? I mean seriously i dont give a shit if they changed it because of sony or its fanatics, all i care about is the shit i didnt like was changed, i couldnt care less if they did it out of the kindness of their heart..

You girks are way too sentimental, its like yall on your period every day..

logan_izer102284d ago

Not a fat chance. They care about money... That is all

IcicleTrepan2284d ago

Same as Sony and Nintendo.

DEATHSTROKE-cro-2284d ago

yeah, that's why Sony gives you 2 free AAA games, betas, demos, themes every month with PS+ when you had shitty online on Wii and you paid 60$ on X360 just to be able to play online.

every company wants to make money but some of them don't care about fans and want to squeeze every penny from you.

IcicleTrepan2284d ago

Because they want your business. They don't care about you as a person. Give it a rest. Do you think Ford cares too?

logan_izer102284d ago

I agree. I never said they were any different. I just think this article is a joke. They didn't reverse any of this stuff because they care about us. They are worried about sales.

KonsoruMasuta2284d ago

To be fair, every big company cares about money. What really matters is how far they are willing to go and what they are willing to do to customers to get it.

Rhythmattic2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )


Everyone sells/barters their services/time/goods for "money"... Well, Mostly Everyone..

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