Why The PS4 Can Save The PS Vita

Wedbush Analyst Micheal Pachter recently claimed that the PS4 won’t be able to save the PS Vita.

In fact, Pachter went so far as to say that “the Vita is dead, it’s over.”

Well, we beg to differ.

Not only do we believe that it’s far too early to declare the Vita dead, we also believe that the PS4 could be the key to its salvation.

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golding892285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

No doubt it can save it.

My only thing is will sony really want to take that much of a lost?

Ps4 is already being given out for cheap. Unless they just wanna be done with the ps vita. Obviously PS vita needs saving ..badly..

jujubee882285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

Sales wise? Yes.

Games and owner enthusiasm/enjoyment wise? Nothing could be further from the truth.

sdozzo2285d ago

That's not true. I own a vita and still looking for a handful of games yet to be released... action rpg for example.

There are nice indie games but seriously lacking triple A titles. Persona Golden maybe but that's niche.

jujubee882285d ago


Have you tried looking on PS Stores PSP, PS1 and PSM backlog? There's no reason you should not be enjoying the VITA when you still have a chance to play your favorite games in that genre on the handheld. Sure it's not new, but not all genres will be covered in the way you want right now. (It's only been what 2 years since the US launch?!?)

Also, I don't care about the lack of AAA intellectual properties so long as PSN keeps getting refreshed each week with new and interesting stuff each week (indie or not); which it totally is.

p.s. You saying something bad about Persona 4 Golden, homeboy? ^-^

wub2285d ago

I'm one of the people that's going to buy a Vita because of PS4.

nades_all_night2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

I agree completely. The PS4 in conjunction with Vita gameplay, is just to much for me to pass up on. I will wait about 6-8 months to see if a second generation vita will be rumored/released, but it will give me time to get nicely acquainted with the PS4.

ABeastNamedTariq2285d ago

If they announced a bundle that would be very cool. They could support cross buy/play titles and what not.. I think remote play is something they would want to focus on a lot. That way you can stream LBP while you're on the toilet..

*Mostly off-topic side note: That LBP announcement going to be some sort of new game. :( Every time! I promised myself I wouldn't do this..*sobs*

sdozzo2285d ago

If remote play works well with the controller conversion it could be huge. Wife watches tv and we get console games in your hands.

ABeastNamedTariq2285d ago

Exactly, that's why I've been contemplating getting a Vita. I already download the PS+ Vita games so I'll have stuff to play lol.

Williamson2285d ago

I play my vita a lot and I'll play it even more with remote play. I'll probably end up playing ps4 games on my vita more than on my TV.

IcicleTrepan2285d ago

If the only reason people start buying a vita is for its ability to act as a second screen, it's not really saving it from anything. Sony needs people to buy Vita games. While there might be some merit that if someone buys Vita just for PS4 second screen in the hopes that they will buy some Vita software next, it probably won't work out that way.

Vita needs to stand on its own, I think it can but it probably needs to be cheaper and have a larger selection of games.

Dno2285d ago

think the idea is to get people to buy a vita so theres fanbase so then devs will actually start maing games on it.

that's what everyone else seems to be getting at.

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The story is too old to be commented.