Xbox One Is No Longer Kinect Dependant

Sharn from SentralGamer looks at the new details for the news that the Xbox One will not need the Kinect always attached. Sharn offers his opinion on this

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golding892288d ago

Yes we get it. This is a repost dude. come on. we already have at least 15 of those articles already.

YNWA962288d ago

Goldings... 6 disagrees for stating the obvious...its not nice here... better off saying Sony is great, greatness awaits... Cerny is hot.... all that stuff...

thorstein2288d ago

Well, the real problem I see is that they want to launch this system in 2-3 months? Is it going to be ready with all the changes they are making to the core architecture and the OS? This is a very real problem for me.

golding892288d ago

Lol.. naaahhhh.. i love seeing sony fanboys wild out :-p

GryestOfBluSkies2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )


im sure it will be ready with a system update. it just seems that microsofts claims of features that were 'built into the architecture, and the xbox cannot run without them' were greatly exaggerated

HammadTheBeast2288d ago


I'm done here.

YNWA962288d ago

Somebody always has a flashlight behind Cernys head Hammad, I wonder if that is coincidence... :)

thorstein2288d ago

Think of it this way. Devs have been working on games for this system for over a year and a half. So, they implement some kinect features that are related to their game.

Now comes a release that X1 doesn't require Kinect. And people will not have it, but the game the Dev just made requires it...

As a dev, I would be going ballistic right now. That stuff costs money.

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retrozoid2288d ago

but its an opinion piece, the guy has not just reposted he has given his opinion

SharnOfTheDEAD2288d ago

That's appreciated thank you!

Hellsvacancy2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

"Just one small thing i’d like to add. It would have been really interesting if Sony had done the same as Microsoft, would there have been as much out cry? Would there have been so many changes? hmmm I’ll leave that up to you to answer in the comments section below"

Yeah, I'd moan as much as a whore with a bounced check if Sony had of forced Move upon me, I have no use for motion gaming, i'm a stoner so jumping around waving my arms around when I game is not appealing, i'm relaxed and chilled when I game

iamnsuperman2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

Yer. That part of the article is just s**t stirring. I would have moaned if Sony had compulsory Move with it if the price was higher because of it (even though I have the Move and enjoy it)

SharnOfTheDEAD2288d ago

In fact it wasn't 's**t stirring', the point I was making if both consoles actually went down the same route would there have been such an outcry. Sure that's nothing but a 'What if' scenario, but I just wondered.

pompombrum2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

It would have damaged Sony but not as much as Microsoft. It effected them with the PS3 launch and forced them to be far more humble which they reflected on at their unveiling of the ps4.

The difference being though is that I think more people would praise Sony if they done a reversal than with Microsoft. I'd stick my neck out there though and say that is due to their good reputation among gamers while Microsoft's relationship has been a little rocky since they started working on Kinect.

n4rc2288d ago

Lol.. Me too dude..

Isn't talking to your console the ultimate in laziness? Lol

Honestly.. I'm excited for kinect and motion gaming has virtually nothing to do with it.. To each their own tho

TimeSkipLuffy2288d ago

That does not mean that the upcoming games won't require it XD

GodGinrai2288d ago

SO...I guess this is the only news today.And let me just say to the posters from now,looking forward to reading the same article again..and again...and again...

Sod it..anybody up for a flame fight? PS4 roooolz!

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The story is too old to be commented.