"Virtual Girlfriends FTW. I Think..."

WhatIfGaming writes:

"If you don't know what FTW is, it's an acronym for "For The Win." Now that we have that very difficult question aside, what's even more difficult? Not having a girlfriend. Sure, the nights are lonely and the mornings are cold, but we all get through. Have no fear girlfriend-less men out there. Five companies are coming together to give us our very on virtual lives with virtual girlfriends."

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crazy250003842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

if i hear stories or drama from anyone i know about this kinda stuff, i swear i will kick their ass!

"me and my gf had a fight, im so pissed"
me: dude, STFU just send her a virus or install windows, then she'll get the hint

Masta_Killa3842d ago

I thought FTW stood for **** the world.

jmac533841d ago

from the Tiger Army song

okcomputer3842d ago

says the guy posting on a video games message board...

darx3841d ago

So says the guy who has 9 bubbles and posts 8 comments in two hours. Really looking forward to this software huh?

okcomputer3841d ago

guess you missed the point.. and i'm bored at work anyway, getting paid for this at least.

And if you want to talk about number of posts, your posting score is more than 4000 points higher than mine.. so pot, meet kettle :)

darx3841d ago

My comment score is less than 4,000 at about 3,400 while your score is in the 6,600 neighborhood. Do the math and that is roughly 3oo + more comments. So I am not a pot nor a kettle.

And by the way I guess I missed your point!

I believe that one is forum post and the other is a fake virtual girlfriend, sort of like a blow up doll. Not even close!

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Tempist3841d ago

Wow... What a market to capitalize on. And, in some ways help to socially alienate more people and insure that their breeding chances are slimmer.

It has to be the worlds gentlest form of castration and genetic cleansing.

Yaster3841d ago

FTW is not a f***ing acronym. An acronym is a pronouncable word in which each letter stands for something. For example TARDIS from the Dr Who series. How do yuo pronounce FTW? Fitwih?

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The story is too old to be commented.