In-Game Ads Need Standards

Next-Gen.Biz writes: "The biggest obstacle facing the burgeoning in-game advertising sector is a lack of standard metrics, according to a panel at MI6 today.

Ubisoft's Andy Swanson told delegates, "We need a consistency in measurements of advertising; some trusted source of measurement that works out what determines an impression and what the comparative value is of a static ad in comparison to a dynamic ad. We are grappling with this in order to make it simple for the advertiser to make the buy. It's a learning process."

He added, 'When a person looks at a billboard in a game, what is the value of that. How long do they need to look at the ad to validate that as a buy? What is the value of a product placement?'"

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Hellsvacancy3938d ago

but wot is ingame adverting, i mean am i gonna be in a full scale war whilst playin killzone 2 and an advert pops up telling me 2 buy coca~cola or buy an nother computer game 4 example, "dont shoot me down 4 the lame question, im sure im not the only1 who doesnt know"