This Is Not a Test: Calibrate Your HDTV

Buying an HDTV usually starts with research. You then may make a decision based on what it looks like in the store.

Take the set home and the picture may look slightly different. Some colors are brighter than others, and the contrast between dark and light colors is heightened.

Now you need to calibrate the TV. Photographers and graphic artists have been doing color calibrations for years on their monitors in order to ensure that colors on screen accurately match what will appear in print or on a Web site. But now, with more consumers owning high-definition TVs - where every pixel pops off the screen - calibration becomes more important than with the old cathode-ray tube TV.

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SL1M DADDY3847d ago

Sorry folks, but it's very easy to do with the right tools. I for one went the simple route and bought the AVIA disc that comes with color filters and all the right directions to fully calibrate your telly to your perfect specs and viewing pleasure. Very easy and very effective. Even if you think you have the right settings and whatnot, you don't, not until you follow some easy instructions and use the templates they give you to fully set your HDTV's settings. It is then that you will see exactly what your HDTV can truly look like. And trust me, it is a night and day difference.

JsonHenry3847d ago

While I certainly agree with your post - does it matter in the end to those who do not understand these concepts?

I mean, as long as they are happy with the image does it matter if the person has their contrast and color saturation 100% correct?

To you and I it does because we are videophiles, but to the average consumer they don't know (and usually don't care) if they like what they see regardless.

Nostradamus3846d ago

When my parents got their flatscreen, I told them I would calibrate it for them. They thought it couldnt look any better, and even when I changed it slightly, they couldnt tell a difference.

titntin3847d ago

I have to agree with the above post.

As a digital artist/animator by trade, I need a decent image. I've never seen a set work well under normal presets - they are derived to try and induce a 'wow factor' in a high street store, and are not even close to being correct or suitable for use at home.

I use the test patterns and cards used on the 'Digital video essentials disc' and I'd recommend that anyone with a decent TV does likewise if they want to see what their set can trully deliver!
It makes games look much better too! :)

MikeGdaGod3847d ago

i have that same disc on Blu-ray and its pretty good. i'm still in the process of calibrating my newer tv, been trying to get things right for the last two weeks on and off.

i think i got it about right, i just want it to be perfect.

likeaboss3023847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

Most HDTV's have their colors way out of wack. Even the all mighty Kuro. At the Best Buys of the world they are in Torch mode. Everything blown out to get your attention and it looks like in the store because of the lighting. Now sure you can take it home and adjust it a little to get it looking pretty good. However, you can really set it off with a calibration. It's like buying a Mustang GT and while 300HP is nice with just a little work you can squeeze another 50HP out for free. :)

I'll tell you one thing it's cool watching things the way the person creating it expects you to.

Just for the record I currently own a Panny 50PZ85U which just got done the first 100hr. break-in. It replaced a Sony 46XBR4 which IMO was a overpriced POS. Until moving to Plasma I truly didn't know what blur and ghosting on LCD was truly about. It's amazing the motion detail this Plasma has.

legendkilla3847d ago

i have a Pioneer PDP5060HD! way better than any LCD!
plasma's kick butt

v1c1ous3847d ago

because honestly, paying some dude $300 for the absolute crispest image that isn't that far off from a $20-30 calibration disc yourself (and in the process teach yourself a thing or two) is nuts

Shadow Flare3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

1000 degrees. Front page news. 6 comments. Brilliant.

In other news i'll probably give this calibration miggygan a try, but im really happy with my tv the way it is. I got it set just right i feel, but i'll see if this calibration can make it better

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