1UP Previews: GTA IV - What Rockstar can do when they put their minds to multiplayer

1UP writes: "The promised online criminal activity in Grand Theft Auto IV might seem like a revolutionary concept, but GTA games have featured cross-system multiplayer before. The two PSP entries, Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories, each had deathmatch, racing, and capture-the-flag variants. And Jeronimo Barrera, VP of development at Rockstar, says that while the developers had fun with that multiplayer and learned what worked in the GTA world with it, they were limited by the system's power.

That's no longer the case with Grand Theft Auto IV. "We had planned multiplayer from the day we saw the specs of the consoles we'd be working on for this game," he says. "They would let us make something that was sufficiently interesting to stand alongside the single-player game." The result in GTA4 is a variety of modes -- including deathmatch and team DM, races, co-op play, and some specific team-based modes -- that all share one thing in common: "The freedom to do what you want, but [with] consequences for your actions," says Barrera."

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mesh13847d ago

i smell goty here every previewer has not had 1 thing to say of this game it has gotten more coverage than any game .also i see gears of war 2 as a major contender for goty and also fallout 3 these 3 games are the best games coming out this year but there are other also that are not on the lvl of these three but will be side by side judging from past history of games dev ill say fable 2,mgs 4(mgs1 was amazing no comment about others they were ok.)too human ( we all heard of legacy of kain /eternal darkness),alanwake(remedy makers of Maxpayne),ng2 the reason why i sat this game will are the only games that may aaa success of the devs in their past work the sales of the games and the scores these games have received from numerous websites and magazines.

Zip3847d ago

cod 4 would collect dust in 19 days

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BeaArthur3847d ago

George Washington...CoD 4 is one of the best multiplayers avialable. Since it is so outdated why don't you let us know what you play? Can't put down that Dark Sector?

Vito_corleone3847d ago

George is playing History Channel: Battle of the pacific. i envy him :)

George Washington3847d ago

im actually playing history channel presents: civil war lol. just like the good ol days lol.

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BeaArthur3847d ago

Will be taking off 2 days of work when it comes out.

jkhan3847d ago

Not reading this article will play it to see how good it is. I have been successful in keeping myself away from all these news. I spoiled God of War 2 ending for me :( once, I am not repeating this mistake twice:P

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