Next Gen Consoles and YouTube Creators

With all this buzz about the next generation of consoles and what each has to offer, there is a suspicious absence of YouTube in the conversations. While this is a niche most gamers don’t think about, it is a very real concern for many people who make their livelihood with YouTube channels centered on gaming.

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no_more_heroes2593d ago

Didn't MS already say that any third-party capture card can be used? There was an article on here about it.

p0tat0stix2592d ago

Yes, MS confirmed in an interview with Polygon that external capture cards will work exactly like they do on the 360.

TomShoe2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

There's already a method to get around the HDCP protection if needed. It's a little more expensive, but if you're serious about being a YouTube creator, it's worth it.

MRMagoo1232592d ago

From what i have seen on youtube a lot of the usually 360 only youtube video makers are switching over to ps4.

Bigpappy2592d ago

And where are they getting these PS4's might I ask?

MRMagoo1232592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

the shop the same as everyone else at release (i dont get your question really becuase that is common sense) go check the channels, one guy even had to do a video to justify to his fans why he was switching to ps4 when its out instead of just staying with MS and the Xbone. Ps4 is leading every where including the USA which is MS land so that must say something, ppl can try to deny it but preorder for games and consoles show the trend. Its not like it matters im sure if you are getting an xbone which im sure you are you will enjoy it just as much if it sells 1 console as if it sells 100 million.

Bigpappy2592d ago

I see...

Do you happen to have one too?

2592d ago
xReDeMpTiOnx2592d ago

It really depends on how the ps4 recording works as we haven't really heard all of the details yet. So I'm going to withhold judgment until we actually know everything.

awesomeabe19982592d ago

I love how when they say NEXT-GEN consoles they miss out WII U. Now i know Wii U is current gen yet next because it is released and stuff but seriously guys. WII U IS A 8TH GEN CONSOLE PEOPLE!!!!!!!

AceBlazer132592d ago

Lol I love Nintendo but idk whether the Wii u arrived too late for this gen or too early for the next.

falcon972592d ago

They miss out wiiu yet its getting almost every nextgen indy game out there,with very big indy games hitting in 2014,look WiiU has proven it's nextgen so far,ps4 and xbox have to show us at the very least a full HD game ????

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