Editorial: Hey...Where'd The RPG Go?

There are plenty of awesome games on tap for 2008 and beyond, but has anybody else noticed a distinct lack of RPGs? Granted, they usually take a while to get rolling in any new generation, but even so...we seem to be starting out a lot slower this time around, and PSX Extreme worries about this seemingly ongoing trend.

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destroyah3933d ago

Good JRPG's take time to make.

PS2 started getting them about a year and a half after it's release.

JsonHenry3933d ago

While I personally can not stand JRPGs, I would not be telling you the truth if I said I would not love to play a REAL sequel to XenoGears.

rCrysis3933d ago

i hope they start rolling in after FFXIII comes.

Don't forget WKC and Tales of Vesperia.

Superfragilistic3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

I don't know what this article is going on about! If you do a quick search across gaming sites, or check the Aussie Xbox "General Discussion" forums and its "Big, Fat, RPG List" thread, there's 24 RPGs for the 360 in 2008. 18 of which are exclusives. The PS3 by my count has at least 9 RPGs this year, with six from the list that aren't platform exclusive, plus FF, and a few others that escape my mind at the moment.

That makes 33 titles for 2008 and they're only the ones announced!

My problem isn't that there's not enough RPGs it's actually the opposite in that there's too many and I'm having trouble to decide which one's (on both platforms) I should invest my time in! :)

RealityCheck3933d ago

While the article just said RPG, when you read it what is actually implied is JRPG - Japanese RPG.

There's also American RPG (FPS gameplay with some RPG elements), Strategy RPG (grid movement with the rest being standard RPG), Action RPG (real-time button smash combat with some RPG elements).

Based on your list count, I think you included all the RPG styles. And I don't disagree, I enjoy all of them.

The author is right though that there are not a lot of JRPG so far. They always take time to develop, so hopefully more will come out or be announced.

zZ Lazy Zz3933d ago

The only real next gen non-JRPGs that have come out are Oblivion, Two Worlds and Mass Effect. Everytime I get excited about an RPG in development it turns out to be an action or strategy RPG which just ain't my thing. If I've missed any please god let me know!

RealityCheck3933d ago

@3.2 Some might consider Bioshock an American RPG since you had some control over how to allocate power up points. It also had some choices that influenced the story some. So maybe it could be added to your list next to Oblivion and Mass Effect.

Richdad3933d ago

RPG's are RPG's there is no Jrpg and WRPG, yeah a JRPG can get bad and a WRPG can be extremly emotional. But I would say since all people who want RPG carve for very realistic graphics and length from next gen they are having huge budgets so that might be on hold. But yeah even if less games will comes they will be of quality. Because I think taht RPG gerne kind of got boring in PS2 genertion I mean there where a lot of boring ones but now less are coming but whatever is there is quality.

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Fishy Fingers3933d ago

Apart from the main one. Final Fantasy. The King of RPG games.

Thankfully thats where not being a fanboy and owning both consoles comes into play :)

Shadow Flare3933d ago

yeah but jason, this article is including good rpg's too, not just the crap ones

gEnKiE3933d ago

Ya....Like a Dragon Quest clone and then a Final Fantasy clone?? Thats ok, I will stick with the originals....

AllroundGamer3933d ago

xbox360 JRPG games aren't crap, they are just mediocre... ;)

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Shadow Flare3933d ago

Well the Final Fantasies usually have a 2 year gap between each don't they? And FF7 released on the psone about 3 years after psone launched. Which is about the same time that FFXIII hits the ps3, 3 years. So hopefully (forgetting the spinoff titles) the next big Final Fantasy game after that will be an FF7 remake 2 years after (don't talk to me if you don't think its coming) and 2 years after that FFXIV. Can't even imagine how that game will look. But there are some other rpg's out there in the mean time

poopface13932d ago

It really is the only turnbassed RPG that ive ever liked and it kept my intrest to beat it many times.

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