1UP Feature: Tom vs. Bruce #4

1UP writes: "When we first started out, we pooled all our money to make our house. We quickly learned that letting four people simultaneously buy things and drop them into the house isn't good for color coordination. But we did agree that Tom's last name would be most likely to attract guests, so we dubbed our property Chick Manor. Eventually, we realized exactly what kind of guest would be attracted. After the 20th guy dropped in and asked where all the chicks were, we changed the name to Don't Come Here.

For our competition, we agreed to meet four successive evenings. Each evening, one of us would propose a challenge to the other three. The first person to meet the challenge would be awarded three points, the second person would receive two points, and the loser would get one point. After all four challenges, th scores would be tallied, and the winner...well, we didn't quite know what to give the winner".

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