1UP Previews Umihara Kawase Portable

1UP writes: "Die-hard import fanatics have a special fondness for certain series that are well-known among their own circles but practically unheard of elsewhere. Maybe these games have titles so obtuse and Japanese that they trip up the average English-speaking tongue. Maybe their gameplay is a little too niche-y for widespread fame. Or maybe they're simply so obscure that they fly under the radar even in their own home territory. And sometimes, all three hold true. Case in point: Umihara Kawase. The handful of Western gamers who have taken note of the game despite its inscrutable title (a pun on a Japanese proverb about fish that doesn't translate succinctly to English) have found that actually tracking it down is no easy matter; prices for the PlayStation versions easily reach triple digits. Those who have plundered their wallets for the necessary funds have discovered an experience whose superficial cuteness belies the ass-kicking difficulty that characterizes its gameplay from the word go".

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