1UP Previews Boom Blox

1UP writes: "By now you may have heard that Steven Spielberg gave EA creative input for this family-friendly puzzle game's design. Though Boom Blox may not be as exciting as Indiana Jones, the mobile version of the Wii game, which also launches later this year, looks to match the console game's emphasis on a quick casual fix, with the additional ability to share custom levels online.

The mobile game definitely dials down the personality, focusing instead on just the basic premise: shooting cannonballs at blocks and bombs. Using a cursor to line up your shot, you can set off a chain of explosions that will knock blocks off of the screen and earn you points. Special blocks like arrows, which only move in one direction, and time bombs, which don't explode for a few extra seconds, mean you'll have to think through the reactions your launch will have. Most of the game appears to be about trial and error, however, so there doesn't seem to be quite as much strategy and challenge as we had hoped. That is, unless someone creates a great puzzle with the level editor and shares it online".

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