Top MMORPG 2013

Top MMORPG 2013 website picks the best MMO games that are truly fun and a cut above the rest. These days there are dozens of f2p MMOs to choose from which is very good news for players. Unlike the old days when a good quality MMORPG could easily attract hordes of gamers, currently there is such fierce competition that a new title has to be really good to succeed

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Chrono2018d ago

For real? Play more MMOs dude.

2018d ago
zeal0us2018d ago

Most if not all the MMORPGs were terrible choices. Not only that author never gives any reason why he or she choose these MMORPGs. All the author did was list some mmos and gave you a basic description of the game.

mmofanatic2018d ago

It's an opinion piece that people may not agree with.

Actually I find that there are reasons given but they are just implied, not directly stated . I mean the post says stuff like "this has everything you could possibly want in an MMORPG" (direct quote) which is pretty much *a* reason. I don't think the author has to directly say "this is the reason."

Whether you agree with that or not is your opinion

zeal0us2018d ago

While the author doesn't have say "this is the reason..." it does however makes the opinion piece look more appealing/let you see things from the author's perspective.