The Geek Link Episode 75: Smikey and Silent Malcolm Strike Back

This week Xalaga and Cannonfodder are out, so Smikey is joined by Firmware Update’s Malcolm Spinedi. Which is funny because almost half the podcast is news about the Xbox One and Microsoft. We examine the differences between Sony and Microsoft’s approach to next gen gaming DVR’s. Then we have more news of the Xbox One with Microsoft upping the system’s GPU clocking speed. To round out the Microsoft news, Xbox Live Family Plans are no more, which doesn’t surprise Smikey. GameStop is being sued for misleading customers in New Jersey. Volition wasn’t happy with THQ interfering with their Saints Row franchise, making them have porn stars involved with some of the games. And finally, there is another franchise trying to get into the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) craze. Will you try out the Dead Island MOBA?

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