Microsoft Labels Yahoo/Google Deal Monopoly

Microsoft tonight quickly responded to Yahoo's Google ad trial, attacking the deal as a potential move towards a monopoly. The Windows developer argues that any more permanent agreement would place "over 90%" of all search ads under Google's control and would shut out attempts by other firms to offer alternatives.

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toughNAME3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

I'm with Microsoft, that'd just be unfair

Chuck Norris3846d ago

Don't worry MS still has :)

TripleTags3846d ago

Pot ... Kettle ... Blackness.

toughNAME3846d ago

Apprarently the irony went over your head, as it did with all the disagree-er's

FAT MAN GO BOOM3846d ago

LOL.... that was awesome.... thanks...

BrianC62343846d ago

Give me a Yahoo/Google monopoly over Microsoft any day. They've already done more than their fair share to destroy the computer industry. I love seeing Microsoft cry about another deal being a monopoly. This is just too funny.

theredfoxisquick3846d ago

LOL at Microsoft. Double standard anyone?

Bleucrunch3846d ago

Hey tough, you do know that M$ is a monopoly right??? I hope your kidding and didn't actually side with M$ on this. This is a double standard if there ever was one. LMAO!

IntelligentAj3845d ago

By strict definition they would be a monopoly since they would control a majority of the ad revenues and there would little to no significant competition. That being said I'm uneasy with any company(even google) controlling the majority of that market.

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InYourMom3846d ago

insert the "well if anyone would know what a monopoly looks like it's Microsoft" joke here..

Just get that out of the way before the MS bashers go to town.

Shadow Man3846d ago

You mean Sony Fanboys right ;D

Breakfast3846d ago

Dont let them get to you...have fun with them.

lol...look i disagreed with you. Im a fanboy.

Bathyj3846d ago

No Fair ! You guys are Damage Controlling before we've even had a chance to say anything.

Shadow Man3846d ago

I didn't know Yahoo/Google are uniting. This will suck for microsoft but I don't care I love google and firefox.

TruthBTold3846d ago

who cares if they loose out on this one but like you I love Google, its the ONLY search engine I ever use and I make it my home page.

Lets-Game3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

ohh look who is talking! you forgot what you did to Netscape?
microsoft killed netscape by releasing IE with each windows pack, making it unremovable and slowly killing the other browser. this is only one example. anyway FF is here and MS is getting their ass kicked. haha
I still use 2 ms products thought,media player and windows. windows is not perfect but i pick it over mac any day. media player is pretty good. I have VLC but still prefer using media player.

Skerj3846d ago

Damn you beat me to it.

TripleTags3846d ago

I didnt see this before i posted mine. nice.

harv7113846d ago

Ya Microsoft is kicking around the sand in the sand box yelling "NO FAIR" when they start to get a taste of their own medicine.