Sessler On Grand Theft Box Office

We've touched on the subject before and have even come to the same conclusion, but there's something charming about X-Play's Adam Sessler delivery of the material in this installment of Sessler's Soapbox.

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dfire12123933d ago

hes a biased butt pirate

solar3933d ago

sorry...disagree. nothing bias about that.

and i do agree with him. hardcore gamers does not = crappy movie goers. iron man will be huge for comic book junkies.

Iamback3933d ago


FCOLitsjustagame3933d ago

What did he say thats got people riled up? He said just because games do well doesnt explain the failure of crpy movies (like the one he mentioned) but wont hurt a good movie (like iron man may or may not be.....note I am taking off work to go see it with my uncle on opening day.....which was not easy since my boss is taking off work to go see it too).

I think he has a point in that the movie industry blames everyone/everything on why their movies fail, when the movies are just crap.

On the other hand when one thinks about "entertainment dollars" and how people may budget them and choose how to spend them it is possible that video games could affect the movie industry. But then again I think big screen TVs\entertainment rooms affect it more.

Why pay $10 (or is it more now) to go sit in an uncomfortable theater with a bunch of sometimes noisy people to see a movie once when I can just buy it for $10 (if you wait till kmart or Block buster has them cheap) and watch it as many times as I want, on my couch and get the same big screen, better sound experience.

Mr_Bun3933d ago

I missed Heart Break Kid 'cause I was training for the special olympics

edhe3933d ago

As mentioned above - the music and film industries loves to blame everything but themselves for decline.

They have very, Very tangible competition in high budget TV and gaming now... they need to compete with something new.

Here's an idea - give a copy of the dvd to everyone who goes to the cinema!